Move notes to iCloud from iPhone/ iPad: iOS 10 notes app

Only store your important notes in your iPhone/ iPad locally is never secure. So here is the guide on keep copying all updates automatically to iCloud account by move existing notes to iCloud from iOS device. Once more privacy is lock notes with password or Touch ID, it’s also accessible on other apple device with the same authentication settings (Using Password or Touch ID). Follow the important steps carefully and start to move notes to iCloud from iPhone. Be careful about wrong selection, Delete or Test with sample note move at first.

Notes app is official by apple and that’s available in iOS 9, iOS 10 or later iOS version. Within app you can see two sections for save/ Create new note: iCloud and On My iPhone

Steps for Move notes to iCloud from iPhone, iPad: iOS 10

Move notes to iCloud from iPhone, iPad with iOS 10

1: Open notes app on iPhone/ iPad.

2: Tap on “Edit” from top right corner of the screen. All notes on list view now with multi check radio boxes. Check mark all notes that you move at once to iCloud account.

We doesn’t move whole folder To iCloud. But we can notes inside folder.

Note: For easy to find all notes from different folder, use All on My iPhone folder. Or same is for iCloud.

3: From Bottom Tab “Move To..”.

Select notes those you want move in to icloud in iOS 10

4: This option is not helpful to move in iCloud but also from one folder to another.

Here, Tap on Folder under iCloud Section. Also you can create “New Folder” then move in to this.

Transfer notes in to iCloud

Are you moving to large notes files to another device or iCloud? First take full backup of your device using iTunes or iCloud.

Thanks, Keep visiting us for more help and tips. Also share feedback on how useful to Move notes to iCloud from iPhone/ iPad.


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