How to open emoji keyboard Mac (in 4 Ways)

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Emojis have become a regular part of communication, offering you an efficient way to express your emotions where there is a lack of words. Unlike the other devices, it’s now available to use on your Mac. However, due to a lack of knowledge, some users aren’t familiar with how to open the emoji keyboard on Mac. If you are one of those, you came to the right sport. Here are four different ways to open the emoji keyboard on a Mac.

How to Access & Use the Emoji Keyboard on Mac: The Ultimate Guide

Before proceeding to the procedure, ensure your Mac computer is updated to the latest macOS. For that, you can refer to our article on how to update your Mac to the newest macOS. After this, follow the article.

Way #1. Use a keyboard shortcut

If you prefer using a keyboard shortcut for most of your tasks, you can access the emoji keyboard using a keyboard shortcut as well. For that, you can press Command + Control + Space.    

 Command + Control + Space On Mac

Way #2. Access it within the App menu bar

As a Mac user, you know that the Mac menu bar holds a lot of actions. This makes the Mac menu bar one of the easiest ways to access the emoji keyboard. Here’s how you can do so.

  1. Open the preferred app on your Mac.
  2. Then, select Edit from the App menu bar.
  3. In the prompted menu, choose Emoji & Symbols.
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Click Edit Select Emoji & Symbols On Mac
  1. Select any Emoji keyword In the prompted menu on Mac. Double Click on the Emoji icon to add it to your app like the mail app (see below picture).
choose Emoji & Symbols On Mac

Way #3. Use the Globe Key

The latest Mac & Apple keyboard includes the Globe Key, located at the bottom left corner. Pressing it, you can open the emoji keyboard. But make sure it’s enabled on your Mac. For that, 1.

1. Go to the Apple Menu and select System Settings… on Mac.

Click Apple Logo Select System Settings... On Mac

2. Select Keyboard from the left pane next, select Press Globe Key drop-down, and select Show Emoji & Symbols. 

Click Keyboard Select Press Globe Key On Mac

3. Choose the emoji on the keyword mac.

Choose Show Emoji & Symbols On Mac

Way #4. Access from the Menu Bar

On your Mac computer, you can use the Input menu located at the right side of the menu bar to access the Emoji keyboard. Besides this, it provides access to all enabled sources, alongside Keyboard Sources and Character Viewers.

Step 1: Go to the Apple Menu located at the top left corner of the Mac. Select System Settings… from the prompted menu.

Click Apple Logo Select System Settings... On Mac

Step 2: Choose the Keyboard from the left pane. On the right side, select Edit… Button in Text Input Menu.

Click Keyboard Select Edit On Mac

3. Now, enable the toggle next to the Show Input Menu in Menu Bar. To save changes, select Done.

Enable Toggle Show Input Menu In Menu Bar Click Done Button On Mac

4. Now, on your Mac, Change Input Icon is in the Mac menu bar; select it and choose Show Emoji & Symbols. 

Click Input Icon Select Show Emoji & Symbols On Mac

That’s It!

How to use Emoji Keyboard on Mac

  1. Once you have opened the emoji keyboard, you can search for a particular emoji just by entering the description in the search field located at the top left corner. 
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Click Mail Search Burn And Double Click On Mac
  • Alternatively, you can access the tabs at the left side of the character viewer to select different categories, such as animal, people, or other, by simplifying your searched emoji.  
Click Mail Search Root And Double Click On Mac
  1. Once you get the searched emoji, you can double-click for it to appear wherever your cursor presently is and drag it within the document.
Click Mail Search Burn And Double Click On Mac
Double Click or Drag On Mac

You can also expand the character viewer by clicking the top right corner to appear not just emoji but also characters and symbols.

How to add emoji to emails on Mac

What makes the Apple email super convenient is that it includes the emoji button. All you need to do is position the cursor where you are willing to insert the emoji in the message and click on the emoji button located in the right corner. Plus, Mac Mail includes a distinctive feature that lets you adjust the size of the emoji. For that, select the Emoji and press Command + Plus to enlarge or press Command + Minus to reduce the emoji. Alternatively,

1. Open Emoji Viewer from the Top menu, Viewer icon > Show Emoji & Symbols or Edit > Emoji & Symbols.

Click Menu Baar Select Show Emoji & Symbols On Mac

2. Open the Emoji keyword, then select the keyword for Emoji on Mac.

Open The Emoji Keyboard On Mac

Final Verdict! 

If you frequently use emojis to convey your feelings, remember that you aren’t limited to your smartphone. We hope this article helps you on how to access emojis on Mac. Which way did you find easy? Do let us know in the comment box below.

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