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Predictive emoji on Keyboard using App or Withoth app in iOS 10

Use Predictive emoji on Keyboard from iPhone/ iPad: iOS 10

For fetch Emoji on your keyboard as a predictive format, you should go with third party apps that’s easy to find Predictive emoji on Keyboard when you type word. Nevertheless this time apple is also focusing on Emoji features and quite interesting in new iOS 10, if you tried on Beta version. This can be more improved in public iOS 10. Here I gave some beautiful example on my iPhone running on iOS 10. And Shared Comparison with my favorite Third-party Predictive emoji keyboard.

Predicative Emoji save your time, Share more fun and Interest in chat or Texting in Mail, Notes and Messages, All other favorite apps.


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Use Predictive emoji on Keyboard on iPhone/ iPad: iOS 10

Predictive emoji on Keyboard using App or Withoth app in iOS 10

Without Keyboard app

Here I show how to use in Social app Like WhatsApp. But For the Message app, quite disappointed, Not appearing emoji when I type same word like whatsApp keyboard.

Start type in keyboard, for the matched word on Emoji you will show emoji icon in Predictive bar. Direct tap on emoji replace word with emoji in text bar, But Text then Space choose emoji placed Emoji after word in whole sentence. Practically you can test it magnificently.

Use Predictive Emoji on Message app

Using Keyboard app

Emoji Type is too much responsive in iMessage text in message app, Mail and Other social chat app as well. First download and Install app on iOS devices (iPhone/ iPad). Add Thirdparty keyboard in Setting, After that you can use Emoji Type keyboard by long press on Globe key.

Use Predictive Emoji on Message app

Emoji Type keyboard Features

Get instantly emojis on keyboard as you type, Ultra fast emoji search and use it from many alternate options.

This Predictive Emoji app is support for Messages, WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram.

This app is support only for iOS 8 or later version

Use of this keyboard is secure, No Cheat under Apple’s Security

Share your Opinion about this Beautiful feature Predictive emoji on Keyboard from iPhone/ iPad.

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