How to Reset iPhone iOS 10 to factory settings: iPhone 7 Plus

An iOS 10 and later iPhone user can apply this trick to make his/her Apple iPhone back to factory settings or original settings. Having question about, what happens to reset iPhone iOS 10 to factory settings? Let’s a look before get started following ideas, I recommend you take back up of your iPhone order-wise and then turn off Find My iPhone if it’s enabled.

Go to setting app – you will have to scroll down until you get iCloud – enable iCloud backup and hit on Back Up Now. On the back up screen you also see that the when last time backed up data on your Phone. Once again check out the screen of iCloud backup where you can view enabled/ Green toggled Apps for back up in order wise iCloud drive, Photos, Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Safari, Home, notes, News and many more.

Factory settings will give you a brand new Apple iPhone, because this kind of process wipe your iPhone all data and content and provides totally clean iPhone. Generally, those users who want to sell their iPhone or want to wipe all data off of it or maybe give it to someone else. After reset factory settings iPhone look like pull it out of the box.

Ultimate Guide to Wipe- banish or Reset iPhone iOS 10 to factory Settings

Reset iPhone iOS 10 to factory settings iPhone 7 Plus

Step 1. Lunch Settings App from your iOS 10 iPhone home screen.

Step 2. Tap General.

Step 3. Now scroll down the screen until you appear Reset tab, then Tap on Reset.

Step 4. Tap on Erase All Contest and Settings.

You’ll be asked Enter your Passcode then Tap on Erase iPhone,

You will get a last caveat that the, are you really want to continue? Because, all of the data of your iPhone will be erased and this can not be undone.

So you agree then tap on Erase iPhone and it will fully reset and you will get Apple Logo.

So now you can appear totally brand new iPhone Hello screen including choose a language and you can Restore your iPhone using iTunes, Via iCloud back up etc.

Fingerprint/ Touch ID information also gone. So your Phone is ready to be to give someone else, or sold whatever you want.

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