Take a Screenshot on iPhone XS Max, XS, XR, and X? Here’s the How to Guide

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Take a screenshot on iPhone XS Max, XS, XR, and X, See Here’s the guide on how to guide. Alternate methods for taking a screenshot on edge to edge screen or Without home button.

For taking a screenshot on your iPhone X. The correct process or trick only work for capture or take a screenshot on iPhone X or later. But additionally, you can also read the treads given below for getting the screenshot as an alternate way. For that, you have to first go to the app which you want to shot and open the desirable screen you want to arrest. Then you have to press and hold the side button no longer works for activating Siri.


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This way will ensure that you don’t activate the Touch ID or Siri by unknowingly during the catching of the wanted screenshot. By doing this, the screen will appear white, and you can listen to the sound of the camera shutters only when you enable the noise of the curtain. The taken screenshot will save to the camera roll.

Steps for Taking a Screenshot on iPhone XS Max, XS, XR, and X: Alternative Methods

1 Take a screenshot on iPhone X

Without Assistive touch we can use physical button on iPhone X without making any further moves in settings on new iPhone.

Command to take an iPhone X Screenshot

→ Press Side button + Volume Up button Simultaneous.

Apple’s iOS 11 brought Screenshot preview, in terms, while you arrest a screenshot on your iPhone X, instantly you can appear a screenshot preview at the lower-left edge side. From there, you can edit, crop (Resize or Change Screenshot shape from the preview directly, Tap on Preview > Drage Screenshot blue border to resize > Done for save), use markup and instantly share with someone else.

iPhone X Screenshot notch: Some of the iPhone X screen not showing notch by default. There is no any settings for Show or Hide notch or iPhone X Ear area of the iPhone Screenshot. [if you found, please know us on below comment box]. A top-notch in iPhone X screenshot does not look bad, But it’s cover in full screen.

  • Easy to identify it’s an iPhone X’s screenshot.

Capture a Screenshot on iPhone X without Side button/ Volume Up Button

Use Assistive touch for taking a screenshot on iPhone XS Max, XS, XR or iPhone X

Go to the Settings App on iPhone X.

Next, Tap on General > Accessibility and Assistive touch.

1 Turn on or Enable Assistive Touch on iphone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

Turn on or Enable Assistive Touch on iPhone, iPad. (Customize Assistive touch on iOS 11)

1 Take a Screenshot on iPhone X using Assistive Touch

Take a Screenshot on iPhone X without Side Button using 3D touch

You can also take Screenshot on iPhone X using AssistiveTouch with 3D touch. Head over on the bottom steps to catch up screenshot rapidly.

Go to Settings App Find General – Tap on Accessibility – Hit on AssistiveTouch under interaction – Turn on AssistiveTouch (ignore if already ON) – Now tap on Customize Top Level Menu… – Tap on 3D touch Action – Now make tick mark next to the Screenshot.

Take a Screenshot on iPhone X without Side Button using 3D touch

Finger crossed! You guys, now force press on touch screen home button (Dark spot on Screen) to take a screenshot on any app, text message conversations, anywhere on your iPhone X.

New in iOS 11 allow to show screenshot preview on screen, Tap on Screenshot preview instantly for edit before disappeared and use markup tools to edit your photos without any third-party app.

After that Don’t miss to save in the Camera roll.

You want to view or edit the taken screenshot than you have first to scroll down and find your screenshot which you captured and want to Edit. Then tap to View it, preferred or edit option will be shown up to you. Then you can modify it as you desire and distribute to any emails or text or more.

You can add text or use filter or add anything you like to the screenshot, and it can easily be saved and shared to wherever you want. The way you edit is somewhat different, but the actions would be the same as taking a screenshot or Print Screen.

And for New 2017, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus users can use previous way to Save screenshot: Sleep/Wake + Power Button.

How to Delete Screenshot on iPhone X (10), iPhone XS Max, XS, or XR

To remove the captured screenshot and save bytes on your Apple phone, you need to venture bottom given guide.

Step #1. Launch the Photos App from your iPhone X Home screen.

Step #2. Tap on the Albums appear right-lower corner, then scroll down the screen to find Screenshots Folder.

Step #3. Tap on Screenshots folder. Here you can see all freshly and early screenshot which is taken by you or anyone else.

Step #4. Tap on a picture that you wish to trash.

Step #5. Now, tap on trash icon you can see right-bottom corner.

Tap on Delete Photo and validate.


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