Top Best Alternate Web Browser for iPhone 6 /6 plus – iOS 8.1

In Apple’s all device built-in Web browser is a Safari. But it’s not necessary everyone has like to surfing on Safari Web browser cause there several many browsers are available on the App Store. Several is Paid while almost Web browser are Free it can give you better experience in Surfing, Book mark, Private browsing than Safari.

Let to know which are the best Alternatives of Safari for your iPhone or iPad? Check over Excellent collection & able to use best Alternate web browser for iPhone 6 /6 Plus.

Best Alternate web browser for iPhone 6 /6 Plus- iOS 8.3

Google Chrome

Web Browser Google Chrome is a Free Surfing app for iPhone, iPad and Mac. It’s made by Google. It’s fully compatible with Smart Phone OS as well as Computer. According to report there is millions of User which are using Google Chrome on Window OS.

Google Chrome features – Good privacy settings, faster browsing, it’s provide Sync devices facility to seamlessly accesses and bookmark from your tablet, Phone as well laptop or computer; Google Voice search and Translation advance language correction tools.

Google Chrome designed with simple and allow pick up where you’re left your data surfing. The app is Compatible with running iOS 8, iOS 7 devices.

Opera Mini

We want to share our experience – we did get decent video quality and no buffering with Speedy browsing. Seriously this is the amazing and Best Alternate Web Browser for iPhone 6 /6 plus. Sleek to

Watch fancy graphics, data saving monopoly, its give 90% data saving on ordinary WebPages.

Mercury Web browser

It’s a stuff and cool web browser such for downloading, full screen browsing, printing option and multi gesture as well as private browsing, save page and with Pass code lock futures. More information.

Don’t miss to give us a replay which one you like most from above given Best Alternate Web Browser for iPhone 6 /6 plus. You can also tell us; if you’ve better Web browser apart from listed here.


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