Fix iPhone SE Touch ID not working problems [iOS 17.4.1]

Fix iOS 17 Update with iPhone SE Touch ID not working after iOS Update. Fix Unable to Activate Touch ID on this iPhone Error on iPhone.

Most of the Touch ID-compatible iOS Device users left Touch ID use due to Touch ID not working on iPhone SE or Slow response time for unlocking the screen or on the App Store. But if you know, Touch ID is Apple’s essential security feature. And now Touch ID is widely used on iOS devices for security purposes on all devices mostly, around you.

Right now, Touch ID is available for iPhone Unlock, Apple Pay, iTunes & App Store, Note app, and also, other third-party apps.

What to do on Steps for Touch ID not working on iPhone SE

For the Information: Make sure the iPhone 5S or later new generation iPhone model comes with Touch ID, So the iPhone SE works with Touch ID (Fingerprint sensor detector). Reset or turn on Touch ID through the step-by-step troubleshooting guide. After the updated iOS, it might lose saved fingerprints.

10 Fixes Unable to activate Touch ID on this iPhone Error after iOS Update, after Screen replacement, battery and or home button replacement

Solution #1. Home button Clean and Dry

Make sure that your iPhone SE home button is clean or dry. So first clean the home button using a cleaning cloth. It’s a strong reason for Touch ID-slow response time.

Solution #2. Touch ID enabled or not

Verify Touch ID on iPhone SE enabled,

Step 1: Launch the the Settings. Scroll the screen, tap Touch ID & Passcode

Go to the settings scroll the touch ID & passcode on iphone
Go to the settings, scroll the touch ID & passcode on iPhone

Step 2: Enter your iPhone Passcode. Enable Toggle for Touch (iPhone Unlock, Apple Pay, and iTunes & App Store).

enter your passcode enable toggle for touch (iPhone Unlock,iTunes & App Store,Wallet & Apple Pay,Password AutoFill) on iphone
enter your passcode, enable the toggle for touch & Enable Touch ID

Setup on your finger should be done and shown in the Fingerprints list. See the below image or Get an idea of how to add more fingerprints to Touch ID.

Solution #3. Restart your iPhone SE

Reconfigure your iPhone SE from the restart manually, for Press and Hold, Sleep/ Wake button until you show the slide to turn off button or Force Restart By Press and Hold Sleep/ Wake button and Home button at once.

Solution #4 Remove all fingers from Touch ID and Re-Setup

Manually remove all fingers one by one and then do the fresh setup. To delete saved Finder print, Tap saved Fingerprint name > Delete.

Delete Touch ID on iPhone
Delete Touch ID on iPhone

Finally, add a new finger one by one, to place a finger on the home button, Lift up, and again set on the button for the scan.

Select add a fingerprint on iphone
Select Add a fingerprint on the iPhone

Solution #5 Contact the Apple store or help center

Restore iPhone is also a solution If you can’t make changes on add or remove finger from the Setting app, and the iPhone SE Touch ID failed. Otherwise, contact the Apple help center or Apple retail store.

You can get more help from here if the touch ID & password are missing on your iPhone SE.

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Don’t let down unable to activate Touch ID on iPhone SE, Beneficial security factor for all users, and it is also easy to pay with Apple Pay.

Any help you found personally on Touch ID not working on iPhone SE? Please share with us in the comments.

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