Know How to Improve Battery Life on iPhone SE, iPhone 5S

The Smartphone users flagship problem is the battery life of their phone. Due to many curious apps, functions of the Smartphone that eat’s more battery life and at the end battery drain problem occurs. So to improve battery life and keep away from this kind of issue, you should have essential technical knowledge about how to improve/save battery on phone. If you don’t have an idea then follow below given tips about to improve battery life on iPhone SE, iPhone 6S.

Essential Tips to improve battery life on iPhone SE/ iPhone 5S/ iPhone 5

 Improve Battery Life on iPhone SE

Update to the latest iOS on iPhone

To update your iPhone SE Software or make sure your iPhone SE running with latest iOS version. Because latest iOS can be a part to maximize your iPhone SE battery life. To verify Software update on iPhone SE, go with following steps.

Launch Settings app →Tap General → Hit Software Update

Note: if any update is available, please keep your iPhone SE into charging situation and update (wirelessly) through Wi-Fi; alternatively, you can also update via plug it into computer with the latest edition of iTunes.

Adjust Display Brightness on iPhone SE

Adjust Display Brightness on iPhone SE

The 4-inch iPhone SE has retina display, So it absorbs more power to spared enough luminous. Even though, you should keep Auto brightness toggle turn on, you know auto dim/full screen save much battery life on iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Go SettingsDisplay & Brightness →Turn Auto-Brightness ON.

Enable Low power mode on iPhone SE

Low power mode is a new in iOS 9, this extraordinary feature easy to extend battery life for Apple iOS devices. whenever your iPhone enabled on LPM then your iPhone temporarily reduce power consumption until you can fully charged your iPhone SE. when this is on, mail fetch, background app refresh, automatic downloads, app refresh and some visual effects are reduced or turned off. So after tuned on low power mode, you iPhone lets you know when your battery level goes down to 20% and again at 10%. Bottom steps will let to make enable that.

SettingsBattery → Turn Low Power Mode On/Green.

Keep Unnecessarily Wi-Fi turn off

Make assure while you not doing surfing or use of Wi-Fi then keep disable that. you can turn off Wi-Fi by two ways using control center and Settings app through.

Turn off background App Refresh on iPhone SE: iOS 9.3

background App Refresh on iPhone SE

Settings General Background App Refresh → Turn Background App Refresh OFF.

See iPhone SE Battery Usage 

Battery Usage on iOS 9.3

SettingsBattery → Scroll down the screen under Battery Usage tab.

Now check out which app takes more power. You can see on the screen individual apps battery usage of iPhone.

Alternatively, you can be trying good review top battery case/cover of iPhone SE.

Hope, this would be the great fix for iPhone SE battery life problem. You can be also adding your own tip in above list to improve Battery Life on iPhone SE. just leave your caption in the comment box.