How to Turn off Reduce Motion Effect in iOS 17 on iPhone, iPad

I think you have a question: what is reduced motion on iPhone and iPad? So I’m very excited to explain to you the Accessibility feature of Apple iOS. It’s come since iOS 7 but this just for those who are a beginner on iOS. The firm uses a parallax effect to create the perception of depth on your home screen and other portion of your iDevice.  With them, you will also feel animation and include the Parallax effect of an icon.

Genuinely, this is not a tricky way, but I inform you that I am concerned about disabling iPhone animation. Because so many users have reported, their problems respect live photos feature as no Navigation animation while scrolling the photo gallery app. for that you just need to turn off reduce motion affect your iPhone and iPad.

Below effect, you will notice when Springboard animation is turned on,

Wallpaper icons and alter shifts slightly move when you move with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Photos or images you use as wallpaper are somewhat zoomed-in or cannot scale to fit the screen. Due to reduced motion, fix iMessage Screen Effects Won’t work.

Reduce Motion Effect on iPhone and iPad: What You Need to Know

  1. Go to Settings app from the Home screen or navigate using spotlight search –
  2. Scroll the screen to tap on Accessibility.
  3. Now tap on Motion, which looks like a green icon.
  4. Turn the toggle to the left side next to the Reduce motion.
  5. Reduce the user interface’s motion, including the icons’ parallax effect.

You’re done!

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