How to enable grayscale mode in iOS 8: iPhone 6 and 6 plus

Last Updated: Oct 16, 2014

iOS 8 has Apple’s new iOS, has released on 17 Sep in entire world. After iOS 7, massive change in new iOS, cause really stuff features involved in them. If we talk about the Settings App, then many little Accessibility features are added by Apple. Among all of them grayscale mode is a new Accessibility feature. It’s also called “Dark mode”. If you want to customize screen colors on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch which are running on iOS 8 such as iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus and many other. So you’ll get it by turn on/ enable grayscale mode in iOS 8 for dark screen colors. Don’t worry if you’ve no idea about how to enable grayscale mode in iOS 8. Follow our beneath given guide and get dark screen colors easily. We hope Grayscale mode will become extraordinary and easy to use option for iOS 8 users to better visibility.

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Steps on how to Disable or Enable grayscale mode in iOS 8: Dark Screen Mode

Step:  1

Tap on Settings app of your iPhone’s home screen

Move setting app and enable grayscale mode in iOS 8
Tap on Setting app in iPhone

Step:  2

Select General Option

You can find accessibility option under the general.
Tap general option under setting

Step: 3

Now Tap on Accessibility Option

Grayscale under Accessibility option in your iPhone
turn on/ Enable Grayscale mode.

Step: 4   

Last, Turn ON Grayscale Mode under the Vision section

That’s it. After Turn ON Grayscale mode, you can easily get out from dark mode and go back in normal or light mode situation by doing disable Grayscale Mode. You can do it disable through toggle off option.

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I hope you’ll get it from here which you want how to enable grayscale mode in iOS 8. Let’s to know us via text comment, how’s see grayscale color screen of your iPhone to you. Keep in touch with us to inform many others iOS 8 tips and get enjoy.