Can I Change Email on Clubhouse app in 2023? How to Request!

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New to Clubhouse app? Wondering how to add Email to Clubhouse Drop-in Audio Social App? Want to know how you can sign up using Email on the clubhouse social app? Do you want to request to change your Email on Clubhouse? if you forgot or for other reasons. Also, Added an Email address on the Clubhouse Profile that is not Visible to Others in the Clubhouse community.

In this article, you will get to know everything about adding your Email to Clubhouse. and What is the opportunity to update email preferences on your account. Let’s start.

Steps to Add Email on Clubhouse App:

If you are adding Email the first time, then follow the below steps. Otherwise, skip this and jump into step “Request to change the Email Address on the Clubhouse app?“.

To add your Email on the Clubhouse application, follow these steps,

  1. Open your clubhouse application on your Phone.
  2. What’s more, tap on the profile symbol like “@” at the screen’s upper right corner.How to Add Email address on Clubhouse app Social Audio app
  3. Then, click on add symbol on the top and enter the email address you want to verify with Clubhouse.
  4. When you present an email, you will get the affirmation email in your mail inbox, Check the Email on the Clubhouse application and Confirm from the Email inbox.Verify Email on Clubhouse app and Verify from Email inbox
  5. Now, check your clubhouse application. Your Email has been verified, and then this “@” symbol will not be publicly visible as per company terms and conditions. That is it.
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How to Sign up using Email on Clubhouse App? If no, then how?

No! Why? 

For now, you can’t sign up on Clubhouse using your Email. Let’s find out why. 

Clubhouse gives one account to one person only, So sign up with a mobile number is the only way to maintain privacy. Users can create multiple accounts with alternate Emails. That’s the Basic reason.

Hopefully, soon the app will be fully up and running, so anyone can sign up from any device using secure methods like other social apps. 

To sign up in the clubhouse application, enter your user name and tap next and then enter your phone number. After that, Clubhouse will send you a text message with a four-digit code. Enter the code you have received. 

Now type in your first and last name, then tap next. After that, you have to enter a valid username for your clubhouse account, then tap Next, and then your Username will be reserved by Clubhouse. 

Now you will need to wait until either Clubhouse sends you a text message to let you know your account is ready to be used.

Request to change the Email Address on the Clubhouse app?

Here are Three Ways,

1: Using Registered Email [Explained in Step 1]

Send Email to Company about the actual problem. Or Also Know the alternate methods to contact for Clubhouse Support.

Send Request For Update Email on Clubhouse, here’s a link for Clubhouse App Support and Select, My Account & Profile > Update Email.

2: Send Feedback Report,

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For now, there is no option to change your Email, but don’t worry. We will guide you on how you can request to change your Email on the clubhouse app? If you want to do so. Just follow these steps, Click here, and then be redirected to the clubhouse feedback and feature request page.

CH Social app support on Web
CH Social app support on Web


  1. First, Enter your name (that is optional for now)
  2. After that, there will be a question: What is your feedback or feature Update request on the alternate sign-in and sign-up? Where you will get options like – Activity feed, All rooms feed, Clubs, Device compatibility, Display settings, and many more.
  3. Select the option User profile
  4. Then, share your feature request that you want to change your Email. Write in short why you wish to change your Email.
  5. There is also an option given to ‘Attach the file.’ If you want to attach any file, then go for it and submit your request.

You will get a response from clubhouse support within a couple of days. Just wait for it.

3: Delete Account and Re-Create

Delete Clubhouse account is also an option, But note that Clubhouse user can re-create Clubhoune account with the same mobile number and Username after 30 days. Also, the same user name you might not get if someone reserved it.

Then Add Your New One Email on Your Clubhouse Account. That’s easy.

Want some ‘Tips’ to use Clubhouse smartly?

Tip #1: Connect on IG and Twitter

When you are in a stay with a speaker, ensure you are following them on their different stages.

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The Clubhouse is Just a live climate at present, so it will need to be associated with their different channels.

On the off chance that you are on Clubhouse, give me a follow – {@Username} – I anticipate spending time with you in a room soon! That’s easy to find Profile and DM On Clubhouse Users from Clubhouse App.

Tip #2: Amazing your Clubhouse bio.

Like other web-based media applications, the clubhouse application’s bio segment does not appear to have a character limit. It would be best if you had individuals to initially snap to see your full bio, at that point, discover you sufficiently fascinating to interface with outside of Clubhouse application. Put the main accessible catchphrases and data close to the top, and go through emoticons to break text like projectiles. Try to connect your Instagram and Twitter, as they are solitary interactive connections.

Tip #3: Mute and Unmute On Clubhouse

Make sure to go on Quiet when you are not on the “stage” at Clubhouse. You are removed from quiet consequently when you come up to the stage. Quickly mute, less you humiliate yourself.


I hope this clarifies your queries regarding adding Email to Clubhouse. If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to ask. Just comment below and get a response shortly from us.

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