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Last Updated on Jun 21, 2022

Since the launch of Apple’s macOS Ventura Update and Monterey update for Supported Macs, every Mac user has been in awe of the unique and amazing features that come with the update. The exceptional security upgrades, bug fixes, smooth and user-friendly user interface, performance upgrades, and many other brilliant features that come with the macOS Update make it Apple’s milestone release. Therefore, if you are a MacBook customer and are thinking about switching to the new macOS Ventura or Monterey, then let us inform you that this upgrade takes a sufficient amount of time to download and install on your Mac.

MacOS Ventura Beta is Available for these Supported macs. The macOS Monterey is currently available for download and has support for almost all the Mac devices that run on macOS Big Sur except for some of the earlier versions of the device. The new software update is backed by incredible features, bug fixes, essential security patches, and various other enhancements to deliver a better user experience to its customers.

Talking about the time taken for the macOS Monterey update, we need to consider the macOS version you are currently using. The older the operating system, the larger the download size and the more time it will take to install on your system. For the Mac users with the macOS Monterey 12.2.1 installed on their devices, the download size and the installation time required for the macOS Monterey is the most minor compared to other macOS versions.

Practically speaking, some of the Mac users might want to avoid upgrading to the macOS Monterey due to the problems that are often caused while making a shift to the newer operating system from an old one. Thus, we recommend the users keep a close eye on the download and installation process of the macOS Monterey on your MacBooks to prevent such problems.

It is not practical to tell you the exact time of download and installation of macOS Monterey on your MacBooks due to the reasons discussed above. But we can provide the Mac users with an approximate time that they should set aside should you choose to install the update on your system.

On a fast WiFi connection, the transition from your older firmware to the macOS Monterey should take almost less than 30 minutes to install on your device.

For MacOS Ventura Time Chart

Backup to Time Machine (Optional)5 Minutes – 1 Day (depending on the amount of data and External Storage Copying speed)
macOS Ventura Software 13 Download[13 GBs Setup file] 5 Minutes to 45 Minutes +
macOS Ventura Firmware 13 Installation10 Minutes to 20 Minutes
Total macOS Ventura 13 Update Time15 Minutes to an Hour +
macOS Ventura

For MacOS Monterey Time Chart

Backup to Time Machine (Optional)5 Minutes – 1 Day (depending on the amount of data and External Storage Copying speed)
macOS Monterey Software 12.3 Download5 Minutes to 45 Minutes +
macOS Monterey Firmware 12.3 Installation10 Minutes to 20 Minutes
Total macOS Monterey 12.3 Update Time15 Minutes to an Hour +
macOS Monterey

The complete download and installation process of the macOS Monterey can be divided into four segments- Preinstallation, macOS Monterey software download, installation of macOS Monterey firmware, and the post-installation process.

1: The Pre Installation process of macOS Monterey

Before installing the macOS Monterey on your MacBooks, there are a few things that every user should take care of for better safekeeping of their data and avoid any problems during the installation. Before installing the firmware to your system, it is advised to create a backup of all of the critical data saved on your MacBook as the upgrade process wipes your system clean. 

Keeping all the passwords and checking for all the users’ reviews of the newly launched macOS Monterey operating system can help in avoiding any problems caused during the time of installation of the macOS Monterey.

You can see the Downloaded macOS Software update on Mac and Re-download a new copy of macOS. Here’s Remove macOS Software Update.

2: macOS Monterey software Download

Once you are ready with the backup and all the other pre-installation activities, it is now time to download the macOS Monterey software on your Macs. 

Let us remind you again about the fact that the size of the download will entirely depend on the model and the version of macOS that is currently installed. The newer the version, the smaller the download, and if you are running on an older version, the download size will be comparatively large.

On a fast internet connection, the download of macOS Monterey can take as little as 10 mins. However, the download time will increase if the internet speed is slow, shifting from an older version or downloading during heavy traffic hours.

To check Available Software Update: Go to the Apple logo from the top mac menu > System Preferences > Software Update > Download and install.

3: macOS Monterey Firmware Installation


As soon as the download of the macOS Monterey is complete, the installation of the new operating system will automatically begin on your Mac. The time for installing the macOS Monterey on a Mac running on macOS Monterey 12.2 should be approximately 10 minutes. One of the users posted about the time taken to install the same on a 2017 Apple MacBook Pro as 11 minutes.

Therefore, the installation time is very minimal, and the Mac will automatically reboot itself a couple of times during the whole installation process. Once the installation is complete, your MacBook will boot up normally to the new macOS Monterey.

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4: Post-installation process of macOS Monterey

After the successful installation of the macOS Monterey on your system, the device will boot up normally, as discussed earlier. Still, the users will have to undergo a few of the crucial steps to use the applications and other features of the operating system to their fullest.

These crucial steps include signing in to your iCloud account, logging in to the various application services, and setting up Apple Play on your Mac. You also need to administer the backed-up data from the previous version of the operating system to check if it was adequately carried over to the newer updated version of the OS.

Once this has been taken care of, the users should try running a few essential applications and services on their Macs to ensure that they are working correctly. If you face any problem with any application, try downloading the latest version of that app to fix this problem.  

In this newsletter, we have covered all the essential points that every Mac user who is thinking about shifting to the macOS Monterey takes into consideration. The time it takes for the complete installation process solely depends on the model of your Mac and the version of the macOS that it is running on. Therefore, we recommend you go through all the key points discussed in this post to avoid any problems during the upgrade.

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