How to Use Update Whatsapp Status with iPhone: Whatsapp Stories

New Update Whatsapp put a Status tab in it app interface silently for globally. New update you can appear left-bottom navigation bar on the iPhone Whatsapp App. Favorite tab has been removed and this new Status added. In addition, navigation menu bar’s between contacts banished and put a new Camera icon button. From there, user can directly shoot Photo and video or also access camera roll photos. Okay, let’s guys, know here everything about how to use Update Whatsapp Status on iPhone. It looks like the clone concept of Snapchat stories. So we can also new Whatsapp update – Whatsapp Stories or Whatsapp live Status or Whatsapp temporary Status/ Whatsapp live Status.

Use Update Whatsapp Status on iPhone: iPhone 7/ 7 Plus/ iPhone 6S/ 6S Plus/ iPhone SE/5S

Use Update Whatsapp Status on iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 5S, iPhone 4s

What is Update Whatsapp Status on iPhone?

Facebook owned Whatsapp has been rolling out. As you can set temporary Profile Picture or Video on your Facebook Profile Avatar.  This same thing now you can do for Whatsapp status. ‘’iPhone Whatsapp status’’ tab is the new trick to engage guys on its real-time messaging platform.

This new status feature will be replacing the old text/emoji form of status. By the way, iPhone Whatsapp users can now change their states to a photo, short video and GIFs to share special moments throught their day with family and friends. Whatsapp Status is work like to Snapchat stories; I mean everything your share here disappears after 24 hours.

How to Send live Whatsapp Status with iPhone

So let’s see here how to share funny Snap, videos or with your friends. At there, you will have many options to share Whatsapp Status such as take a new photo, pick from iPhone Photos app, take selfie and put as your new Whatsapp Status.

How to see what friend viewed your Whatsapp Status?

This tool is also show up you what people viewed your status update. For that, just you will have to tap on eye icons at the bottom of any last status update.

You also set privacy who will see your Whatsapp live status Update

You can also manage what people can see your Whatsapp Live status via Privacy settings.

My Contacts – it share with all of your Whatsapp contacts.

My Contacts Exception…- It allows to share with your contacts except people you select. Just you will have to choose those contacts that you don’t want to share your updated Whatsapp Stories.

Only Share with… – it only share with selected contacts. Just select contacts that you wish to share status with them.

Mute/ Unmute others Whatsapp Status Update

Just swipe left side a contact, you can see Mute option. Tap on Mute. You are done. at the bottom on the screen you can see all Muted contacts.

To Unmute contact- tap and hold on a contact and swipe left side and tap on Unmute.

That’s it.

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