How to fix Updating Cloud Music Library Stuck Mac (Sonoma)

Last Updated on Aug 27, 2023

Apple Music is a service that offers a vast library of songs and podcasts for Apple fans. Unlike the other service, the playlist you listen to gets synced between multiple devices if you’ve signed in with the same Apple ID and Apple Music is installed. The best part is that iCloud syncing gets the job done automatically so that you can enjoy Music from any device. If you’re having a hard time and continuously getting an “Updating Cloud Music Library” error in Apple Music on Mac, then the below troubleshooting guide will help you eliminate the issue. 

Troubleshooting on Apple Music Sync Library Stuck

Here are seven ways to fix the “Updating Cloud Music Library” stuck on Mac. We suggest following each solution without missing out on any of the following. 

Solution #1. Check Apple Server Status

Whenever you’re stuck with Apple Service, the first and foremost step is to visit the Apple Server Status website. This server status will show you the system feature and their current status. That way, you can check whether the fault is on your side or at the developer’s end. If so, wait for Apple itself to fix it. 

  1. Access the browser on your Mac computer and search for Apple Server Status.
  2. From the result, click on their website.
  3. Go through the list of iCloud and Apple Music Servers and check whether the feature is usually working.
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If there is no issue, you’ll need to fix it yourself. For that, move forward to the next solution.

Solution #2. Check Network Connection

A good network speed is required for issue-less syncing and updating the iCloud Syncing. If you do so via a cellular or Wi-Fi network, ensure your device has a stable and secure internet strength. 

  1. Head to the Apple Menu on your Mac.
  2. Verify your Mac has a stable Wi-Fi connection.
  3. Open any other app on your Mac, such as Spotify, to see if the network connection works securely and faster. 
  4. If Spotify content takes time to load, head to the System Settings… and then turn off and on for Wi-Fi.
Turn off WiFi on Mac
Turn off WiFi on Mac

This will refresh the network connection.

Turn on WiFi and Make Sure Connected to Mac
Turn on WiFi and Make Sure Connected to Mac

Solution #3. Disable & Enable Sync Library

The best way to tackle the updating Cloud music library error on Apple Music is to refresh the Apple service. Doing so will help to fix the temporary bug causing delays in working. However, it may take longer, depending on the size of the Music Library.

Step 1: Access the Apple Music app on your Mac computer.
Step 2: Select Music from the top menu bar. Click Settings… from the prompted menu.

Open Music App Settings on Mac
Open Music App Settings on Mac

Step 3: Go to the General Tab. Uncheck the box next to the Sync Library.
Step 4: Please wait for a while, and re-check the box next to it.  At last, click OK.

Stop Music Library Sync on Mac
Stop Music Library Sync on Mac

Step 5: After this, force close the app by pressing the Command + Q on your Mac keyboard.

Step 6: Then, head to the Apple Menu and click on Restart.

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Step 7: Once you restart, log in with your password. 

Step 8: Now access the Apple Music app and check for the issue, Recheck Sync Library and Ok to Fix the issue.

2 Start Sync Music Library on Mac
2 Start Sync Music Library on Mac

Solution #4. Search for a song in the library and play it

Your Apple music playlist might disappear right after updating the Music Library. Or it may simply get stuck while playing. When that happens, it recommends searching for the Music in the search bar and play it. Before that, ensure your Mac computer has a strong internet connection.

Solution #5. Force Restart your Mac

Another simple solution to fix cloud music errors on Apple Music on Mac is to force-restart your Mac. Doing so will clear out all background bugs and minor issues within the Mac computer. Here is how to force restart your Mac device. 

  1. Press the Control + Command + Power Button/eject button/Touch ID sensor. 
  2. Wait until your Mac screen gets darker and restart the sound to play before releasing the buttons.

That’s It!

Solution #6. Stop updating Cloud Music Library and start it manually

One of the most effective solutions to fix the cloud music library syncing and updating problem is to stop it manually. 

  1. Press Command + Space to access the spotlight. Search for Apple Music and click on it to open.
Open Music app on Mac
Open Music app on Mac
  1. On the bottom left panel, select the label Updating Cloud Music Library.
2. Click on the bottom left panel select the label updating cloud music library on mac
Click on the bottom left panel select the label updating cloud music library on mac
  1. After this, an activity window will appear. Select the X Icon on the right side of the Cloud Music Library updating the section to stop the procedure. 
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3. Select the X Icon to stop music library stuck On Updating
3. Select the X Icon to stop music library stuck On Updating
  1. After that, exit the empty activity window.
  2. Now, select File from the menu bar.
  3. Select Library > Update Cloud Library.
4. manually update icloud music library on Mac
4. manually update icloud music library on Mac
  1. The Updating Cloud Music Library banner will appear at the bottom left corner of the screen.
  2. Access the activity window by clicking on it. You will see library progress via the progress circle on the right section of the Mac screen.
  3. If you see Matching your Music with songs in Apple Music below the Cloud Music Library label, it means the update is being finalized.

That’s It!

Solution #7. Contact Apple Support

If none of the solutions above helped you to fix “updating cloud Music library” stuck on Mac. Then, it’s time to contact the Apple Support Team and raise your issue; accordingly, they will offer you a solution.

Final Thought!

Updating to iCloud Music Library can result from stuck kinds of features, and it’s not only a way to transfer Music to Mac. I hope the solution mentioned above helped you to get rid of it. Further, if you have any solution not mentioned in the blog, drop it in the comment box below. 

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