How to Disable Start-End Workout Reminders in watchOS on Apple Watch Series 8/7/6, 5, 4, 3, and 2

Howto enable disable toggle start workout reminder on Apple Watch 4 and series 3 watchos 5

Apple brought in one smart feature in watchOS 5 or Later WatchOS, That’s Workout App. Which shows how Apple is precisely focusing on fitness and health. Another motivational function is Activity Sharing which allows you to compete with your friend on the basis of the seven-day report. You can add 12 different Workouts such as Yoga, Hiking, and more. So today we will focus on How to disable Start-End Workout Reminders in the latest watchOS on Apple Watch.

I believe till now you have already set the start-end reminders for Workout in your new Apple Watch. No offense, if you didn’t like this excellent function, you can easily disable it right from your wrist. Without wasting much of your time let’s head over to how to turn off Start-End Workout Reminders. 

Disable Start-End Workout Reminders on Apple Watch

Step #1: Go to the Settings on your Apple watch from the home screen [Press the Digital Crown button]


Step #2: Scroll to Workout.


Step #3: Find the Option for Enable/Disable Start Workout Reminder & End Workout Reminder.

  • Step #1: Go to “Settings” on your Apple Watch.
  • Step #2: Open “General”.
 Disable Start-End Workout Reminders on Apple Watch watchOS 5
  • Step #3: Scroll down and tap on “Workout”.
Howto start workout reminder on Apple Watch 4 and series 3 watchos 5
  • Step #4: Now turn off “Start Workout Reminder” and “End Workout Reminder”.
Howto toggle start workout reminder on Apple Watch 4 and series 3 watchos 5

Once you disable start-end workout, then Apple watch won’t remind you to start a workout and even when to end the workout.

If you are a forgetful or busy person, then the Workout reminders are a very useful feature of watchOS.

It will daily remind you automatically to start Workout whether you are running, on the rower, walking, or on the elliptical. Besides when it’s time to end the workout it will remind you to end it and go back to work.

Apart from the Auto start-End workout reminders in Apple Watch, you will get a number of hidden features as given below.

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>Best Workout Apps for Apple Watch

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