11 Best Apple Tv 4K Settings in 2023 That You Should Know

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The Apple TV has acquired an edge in the TV industry with its trendy, high-end features. Therefore it is not a surprise that we have witnessed a major rise in its popularity in recent years as a result of the maximum level of high-definition picture quality that is now easily accessible to a movie, television, and sports enthusiasts. There are a lot of reasons to acquire one of Apple’s streaming boxes – either an Apple TV 4K ($179+) or an Apple TV HD ($149) – because Apple’s TV streaming box can accomplish a myriad of factors that latest electronic TVs with Apple TV-like functionality fail to. 

Almost all modern TVs in the present times are smart TVs, which means they come with one of several hardware and software systems that let you stream movies and shows from your favorite applications. However, Apple TV 4K offers an advantage over the competition. Why? The Apple TV 4K (2021) features a faster processor (A12 Bionic), as well as HDMI 2.1 and Wi-Fi 6 compatibility. This also enables the Apple TV 4K (2021) to work with 4K TVs that have greater frame rates, such as 4K at 60 frames per second.

11 best Settings for apple tv 4k to Get Most out of it

Let’s take a look at the fascinating features right now.

#1. Make the home button send you back to the main screen

By default, the Apple TV remote’s Home button (also known as the TV button) takes you to the Apple TV app. It’s inconvenient to be routed to the Apple TV app every time you touch that button if you use any other apps.

Go to Settings > Remotes & Devices and pick a TV Button to have it actually take you to the Home Screen. If the lettering next to the TV Button says “Home Screen,” you’re good to go.

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#2. Connect your Apple TV to Bluetooth devices

The Apple TV remote may be used for a variety of tasks, including typing. When it comes to typing, though, it isn’t the finest. A low-cost Bluetooth keyboard can make a huge difference in this situation, and if you discover a multi-device keyboard, you can link it with all of your frequently utilized gadgets as well. When you’re ready,

Navigate to Settings > Bluetooth and pair your devices.

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#3. Syncing Audio Wirelessly

Perform this adjustment if you’re using HomePods or other AirPlay speakers to eliminate sound lag. Put your phone in close proximity to the television. This tool measures delay between Apple TV and your TV by playing test tones on your TV’s speaker (not HomePods).

If Match Dynamic Range is turned on, and you’ll have to repeat the process for HDR and/or Dolby Vision modes. If Match Frame Rate is enabled, repeat the process for each frame rate permutation.

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#4. Content should be matched.

Set Match Dynamic Range to On if your TV is HDR. After this, set the Match Frame Rate to On to see video at its original frame rate (most movies are 24 frames per second). Regrettably, TVs rarely switch frame rates instantly, resulting in a momentary blank or no signal screen. You can set this to Off but doing so will remove the delay, but it will come at the risk of motion approximation distortions.

Match Content is a very important setting that you should change immediately when you first-time set up your Apple tv box. it should be enabled on your Apple tv because it handles hdr content in a couple of ways.

Steps to Access Match Content Settings on your Apple Tv

  1. First, Power On your Apple Tv
  2. using remote, Find- Open Settings App
  3. Scroll the screen Video and Audio
  4. click Match Content
  5. Choose Match Dynamic Range and click to turn it ON.

what happens if you turn on Match Dynamic range toggle On? After doing this, your apple tv transmits the content in the format because it is master so the hdr content is sent in HDR and transmits SDR content into SDR.

#5. For karaoke, use Apple Music

Music enthusiasts can assemble and make use of this great feature. You should listen to music with synced vocals if you have an Apple Music membership. It’s almost like having your own personal karaoke machine where you can belt out your favorite tunes. It’s a nice feature to use at home for group events. To do so, simply launch the Music app on your Apple TV and select any song you want to listen to.

#6. Bold Text and Zoom Display

Do you have to squint your eyes a lot to find things or read texts? Is your television not within easy reach of your eyes? So don’t be concerned. Although there is no way to raise the word size on Apple TV at the moment, bolding the text should help you see it clearer.

  • Turn on Bold Text in Settings > Accessibility > Display.

If you’re still having trouble seeing words, you can use the tvOS Zoom feature to enlarge on-screen objects to your liking.

Turn on Zoom by going to Settings > Accessibility > Zoom. Double-tap and move two fingers over the Touch Surface or Clickpad to adjust the zoom level.

#7. Improved Audio Output

For better audio output, select Default Audio Output if you have a pair of HomePods (or HomePod mini in tvOS 15).

Connect Apple TV to the eARC HDMI port on your TV and turn on Play Television Audio (eARC). Only Apple TV 4K (2nd generation) has this option, which allows HomePods to play audio from any smart device.

#8. Tracking and Screensaver

Those with a 64GB hard drive and a higher monthly Internet data allowance should set Download New Video to Daily. If you have a fast Internet connection and desire to always stream visualizers to conserve disc space, set it to Never. Change Allow Apps to Ask to Track to Off as well. On this setting, third-party apps will be able to ask if they can monitor you between apps.

#9. Loud Noise Must Be Reduced

For individuals staying with a large family or in a small area, the decrease noise option is ideal. Why? This tvOS function allows you to view films and play music without bothering others. When you enable Reduce Loud Noise on your Apple TV, the sound effects in movies and music will be softer. As a result, the volume will be reduced without sacrificing detail or overall audio quality. Open the Apple TV Settings app, go to Video and Audio, and make sure Reduce Loud Sounds is turned on.

#10. Make your home screen unique

If you download a lot of apps, your Apple TV’s home screen can get a little cluttered, with regularly utilized apps occupying the bottom portion of the screen. You can change things around because it’s far from optimal.

Select any app and hold down the touchpad on the Apple TV remote until the app icon begins to bounce. Then slide the icon in the direction you want it to move. Apps can also be dragged on top of one other to create collections, exactly like on an iPhone or iPad.

#11. Utilize Airplay

AirPlay allows you to watch two videos at the same time. If you’re watching anything on your iPhone, go over to Control Center and tap the Screen Mirroring option or the AirPlay icon just above playback settings to transfer the video to your Apple TV’s big screen. Likewise, most video players (including the one used by YouTube) allow you to watch videos on Apple TV on a big screen. Things get twice interesting when you realize that you can use this feature to watch videos at the same time, simultaneously. 

While Apple is famed for its accessibility of use, some users may find Apple TV 4K’s numerous settings challenging to set up. However, do not worry; the settings above will take care of everything. However, for a clearer understanding, you can simply get a complete guide of the settings by reading the official Apple TV User Guide. 

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