Funny Airpod Names ideas 2023: For All AirPods Pro/Max

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Here are Detailed ideas on Change the Name of AirPods (Stylish Bluetooth name for AirPods) with Examples. While setting up the AirPods with iPhone or any Apple device will ask you to give it a name that helps us identify the AirPods among other Bluetooth devices. By default, Apple offers the name, but you can change it while setting up as well as any time using the paired device’s settings app. When the name was given to the AirPods it’s a bit easier to pair and connect the right AirPods among other devices right in iPhone or any other device.

This tutorial will show you how to rename your Apple AirPods, Or rename fake AirPods, fake AirPods Pro as well as the best name for AirPod Pro and Memes Funny Names for AirPods. Get along with the article and try Slang for AirPods.

Rename AirPod Name Ideas and List of Funny AirPod Names

First, we’ll show you how to rename AirPods and then refer to the list of Funny AirPods names (for all I12 Airpods name ideas, work for I12 TWS Airpods name ideas) and pick one.

To Rename AirPods Name, AirPods Must be connected with the apple device. Follow the below steps for Change on iPhone or iPad. But if you wish to change the AirPods name on your Mac’s Here’s a Tutorial for Change AirPod Name on Mac.

  1. Before moving forward, make sure the AirPods are paired and connected to the iPhone or iPad.
  2. Next, open the Settings app.
  3. Tap Bluetooth.
  4. Find the AirPods from the list. Tap on AirPods to Connect. Once connected,
  5. Tap on the (i) next to the connected AirPods.change-airpods-pro-name-on-iphone-ipad-or-ipod-touch
  6. Tap on Name.
  7. Now you can enter the name and tap Done after entering the number.
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On Mac: Click on the apple logo from top mac menu > System Preferences > Bluetooth > First connect your AirPod to Mac if it’s not connected > Right-click on AirPods Pro name > Rename > Enter a new name > Click on Rename. That’s it. [Use Control + Command + Space to Open Emoji Keyboard on Mac]

AirPods Name changes will appear automatically on all apple devices, [Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch…], That’s signed in with the same Apple ID.

Android: In the same way we can change airPods name on android mobile’s Bluetooth settings but doesn’t affect the new name on an apple device, This change will apply for the android device only.

List of Best Funny AirPods Names [3, 2, Pro, Max] – Another word for AirPods

pick one of our aesthetic DIY cute airpod names to rename your Airpods Bluetooth name.

  1. [Your Name] bean sprouts
  2. Your Mobile number
  3. Your Business name or Number
  4. Hearing Aids
  5. AirGods
  6. YouPoorImRich – Star Wars airpod names
  7. Now This is Airpods Racing!
  8. beef and cheese
  9. The Things From the Movie Her
  10. Not Your AirPods
  11. [Your Name] AirBuddies
  12. Thanks [Name of Your Person who Gifted You]
  13. Baby Yoda
  14. Beans
  15. Flex Buds
  16. No Wire Duo
  17. Speary Eary
  18. Don’t Talk To Me
  19. Sound Extinguishers
  20. Wireless
  21. Listen [Your Name]
  22. YoloPods
  23. BirdPods
  24. AirPaned
  25. AirPen
  26. Tiny Hairdryers
  27. BoomBoom
  28. Your Email Address
  29. Rename it with your Beloved Person
  30. Use Emojis
  31. Babel fishes
  32. Tiny DJ
  33. I Steal Music
  34. No Name
  35. thots cloutpods
  36. Put the Buying Date
  37. Britney SPEARS
  38. Never Fall Out
  39. jahpods – anime names to name your airpods
  40. fLex mAcHine
  41. PartyPods
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Funny Catchy title for airpod & Unique AirPods Pro Emoji Name

  1. Peter’s 🍎 AirPods Pro 💩
  2. 🎧❤️🎧❤️🎧❤️
  3. 🗣🎙
  4. 💩
  5. 🎧
  6. 🎶

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Choose and Set the unique name for AirPod is an excellent practice for quickly field your AirPods from the Bluetooth Device list under the Bluetooth settings. that can be done with any Apple Device and the AirPod’s name automatically update on all apple devices that’s signed in the with same apple ID.

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