Airplay icon missing from control center in iOS 8/ iOS 7 [Solved]

Airplay icon can’t show or appear in iPhone or iPad control center running on iOS 8 or iOS 7. Here is the solution on how to manage this and enable/ turn on Airplay icon accessible under the control center. There are many possibilities to solve Airplay not working on your iOS device or Apple TV. Let’s check all the problem and troubleshooting solution on how we can manage it without any technical knowledge. Airplay icon missing cause many problem including distance between your iOS device and Apple TV, network connection problem, Airplay hardware not working, manual settings and more.From control center Airplay icon missing in iPhone and iPad

Steps to resolve Airplay icon missing in iPhone, iPad control center

Step 1

Check your iOS device updated with latest new on, iOS 8 (if possible otherwise you can also work on iOS 7 devices).

To check Go to the Setting > General > Software Update

Step 2

Your Apple TV also running on updated version of Apple OS, To check available update: Setting > General> Update Software, Then Download and install. More update process in step, Look at here

Step 3

Double check, your Device Wi-Fi should be enabled on both device, your iOS device and Airplay enabled Apple TV.

Note: Your all the device must be connected on same Wi-Fi network.

To check your Wi-Fi with name Go to the Setting > Wi-Fi

Still you don’t find missing Airplay icon on iPhone control center

  • Are you using Airplay or Airplay mirroring, then restart Airplay by enable or disable it manually. So Go to the Setting > Airplay from Apple TV.
  • Before trying to use Airplay features from photo, video and music third party app then verify first it should be enabled/ compatible with Airplay.Trouble shooting steps for show airplay icon in control center

From our readers and experts suggestion: can’t use Airplay or Airplay icon missing

  • Are you trying to stream photos, Video and music from different iOS device to single apple TV at the same time? Then you can’t do that.
  • Check your Router configuration with pre defined installation declaration by apple.
  • Remove alternate connected Wi-Fi devise that not need or temporally.
  • Keep your both device (iOS device or Apple TV) near to Wi-Fi router as possible.
  • Check Wi-Fi network in all the device by using internet explorer and online app.

Useful: enjoy by Play iTunes Song, Video to apple TV directly using Airplay.

Here we are up-to-date on fix your problem, Airplay icon missing or doesn’t appear Airplay icon at iPhone and iPad control center. Any suggestion on this solution and solved this own way then don’t miss to share with us on below comment box.