Fix Camera not working on macBook pro and MacBook Air

Fix Camera Not Working on MacBook Mojave 10.14

Is your MacBook Air camera not working running MacOS Mojave? Lets a look to repair Camera wont connect for Skype or FaceTime on your Mac using sudo killall vdcassistant.

MacBook and iMac have an excellent built-in camera that enables you to connect with your colleagues, friends, a family using FaceTime, Skype, Facebook and more. But recently users are reported that there Mac camera is not working after the update, Mac camera not working zoom, Mac camera won’t work in a Facebook video call, and much more issues encountered with Mac’s camera.

So after looking at all of these issues, we have made a full-proof list of potential solutions which can quickly fix every reported bug.


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These Workarounds will help you to fix Camera Won’t work on Mac: MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac

Listed solutions also utilize to correct error included Omagel Mac camera not working, Mac Camera not working Skype or camera no connected.

Fix Camera not working on macBook pro and MacBook Air

Part 1: You should Restart Your Mac

Restarting Mac can fix Camera not working on Mac if the problem is small. It is often found that this technique resolves undoubtedly every issue. In case of your Mac problem may though then continue you to next clue without worrying.

Part 2: Potential Quick Fixes to get rid of Mac Camera Won’t Work

For you, if rebooting Mac doesn’t work then there are many solutions available to fix camera not working after the update.

Solution #1: Try using another application on your Mac like PhotoBooth, iChat

This, you will come to know that the camera is not working in facetime only or the issue is more prominent.

Solution #2: Another troubleshoots is to log in with a different username if it works then the problem is with Apple ID.

Solution #3: Remove the camera and FireWire cable from Mac and re-plug after few minutes see if Mac camera is not working in Skype.

Solution 3: Apply sudo killall VDCAssistant Command

Step #1: Close every open tabs or app that uses Mac’s camera like FaceTime or Skype.

Step #2: Open “Terminal” directly from the Spotlight.

Step #3: Enter the given command line,

sudo killall VDCAssistant

Step #4: One more time enter code in the terminal,

sudo killall AppleCameraAssistant

Step #5: Insert the Administrative password and proceed further.

Step #6: Re-launch the FaceTime or Skype or whatever app which you were using.

NOTE: if you are entering both the commands in a single line then you have to follow this syntax:

sudo killall VDCAssistant;sudo killall AppleCameraAssistant

Enter the admin passcode and complete the process.

Solution 4: FaceTime camera is not working

If the issue is specific with FaceTime, then it might be possible that MacBook’s camera got stuck on a built-in camera and unable to choose the display camera. Let’s fix FaceTime camera not working in macOS Mojave

Step #1: Open “FaceTime” in macOS Mojave.

Step #2: Go to “Menu” and click on “Video.”

Step #3: Choose “FaceTime HD Camera (Display)”

Solution 5: Use Activity Monitor App [Worked]

rswc90 said this solution is worked for him.

Till now you aren’t able to fix Mac camera not working on Facebook video call then our last option is force closing the process from the Activity Monitor.

Step #1: Close the Applications which needed a camera like PhotoBooth, FaceTime or discord.

Step #2: Open the “Applications” and then click on “Utilities Folder.”

Step #3: Next, open “Activity Monitor.”

Step #4: Click on “Process Name,” it will organize the list in alphabetical order.

Step #5: Locate “VDC Assistant” and click to open it.

Step #6: Now, click on (X) which is located on the top left corner and close the program.

Solution #6: Check for Software Update

old version of software sometimes lack some function of the Mac, so kindly check for update and do an update if any available.

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3 Replies to “Fix Camera Not Working on MacBook Mojave 10.14”

  1. Ssali Emmanuel says:

    I have tried all these posible solution but the problem was not resolved when i used sudo: it just shows no matching processes where found and when I use activity monitor: I cannot find the vdc assistant is there any help I can get

  2. awesome it worked for me just killed the process with activity monitor & boom it worked !!!!!!!!!!

  3. Solution 5 worked once I realized the instruction meant “click on the VDC to highlight” then look for the “X” on the upper left.

    I thought it meant double click to “open”…

    Subtle difference

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