Are Airpods Waterproof? You Must Know All About!

Here's Which airpods model is waterproof and water resistance? Get help to prevent Water damage. and How to cure airpods.

You probably wear AirPods everywhere. They go to a gym or outdoor activity or may place the AirPods next to the water bottle in their backpack. In various scenarios, you wear it, and thus durability is a big question in your mind, especially the protection against water. Especially since every situation mentioned above has that in common – there might be sweat, a leaked water bottle, or unexpected rain. So this blog will let you clear your doubt are AirPods water?

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How Waterproof Are AirPods?

Are AirPods actually waterproof? Let’s clear all doubts in the article below.

Are Airpods Waterproof?

No, AirPods aren’t waterproof. It means you can’t enjoy listening to music while swimming or showering. Moreover, it’s not feasible to wear for certain water sports as they aren’t designed to be exposed to water for longer. 

Conversely, the great news is that some AirPods, for instance, AirPods 3rd Gen and AirPods Pro (1 & 2), are water and sweat resistant. 

However, water resistance, your Apple flagship can withstand light water splashes. Therefore, it can only protect your device from getting damaged from inside for a shorter time.

Now Let’s Under Difference Between Waterproof Vs Water-resistance

When any of the flagships is waterproof, it’s feasible that water won’t get inside the device and cause further damage. Unfortunately, none of the AirPods are waterproof. In contrast, water resistance only prevents the waterproof for a shorter period at a prescribed depth. However, we count the water resistance on the IP ratings, aka Ingress protection ratings. 

What do IP ratings determine? The IP ratings determine the protection against dust, moisture, and more. However, first and second generation AirPods and AirPods Max aren’t water-resistant. But 3-generation AirPods Pro and AirPods include water-resistance ratings for up to IPX4 which is comparatively lower

But keep note; the water-resistance seals degrade over time. Eventually, AirPods and AirPods will lose the water-resistance property when aging. And unfortunately, there is no way to revert it. So you will need to remain more careful. 

How Water-Resistant Are Airpods?

From the list of all AirPods models, only two of them include water-resistance properties; AirPods (3rd Gen) and AirPods Pro. This Apple product has an IPX4 that can protect your device against normal water splashes and rain but not for underwater activities like swimming. Most importantly, this rating indicates the AirPods have tested by repeatedly splashing the water from all directions. 

What Can I Do With Water-Resistant AirPods or AirPods Pro?

Although the third-generation AirPods and AirPods are water-resistance, you still need to use them carefully. Below are some activities you should refrain from using Apple AirPods. 

  • Don’t swim and shower when wearing AirPods.
  • Don’t wear it when heavy rain outside.
  • Don’t wear it when doing an underwater activity.
  • Don’t wash it in washing machine.
  • Don’t carry it in the steam room.

What To Do When AirPods Get Wet?

If the AirPods get wet, internal components are likely to be damaged. Follow the steps below to get water out of Airpod without damaging it. 

1. Dry Them

Use a soft dry cotton cloth and gently move around on the outer body of Airpod and case. Simultaneously, you can also use a soft brush to remove dirt and debris. 

2. Use Water Eject Shortcut

Head to the Settings App. Next, choose Shortcuts and then enable the toggle next to Private Sharing. Now access this link and tap Get Shortcut > Add Shortcut. After this, the shortcut will be added to My Shortcuts. Next, hit on the shortcut and choose Begin Water Injection. At last, the water will start tickling from AirPods; repeat this multiple times.

3. Leave AirPods With Desiccant


Instead of placing the AirPods in rice, place it with silica gel. This will eventually prevent the Airpods from getting scratched. The best part is this method is one of the most effective ways. 

4. Contact Apple Support

If none of the above solutions worked for you, it’s better to contact Apple Support or head to the nearest Apple service station and ask for technical support or repair.

What Not To Do When AirPods Get Wet

Here are some things you must avoid when your AirPods come in contact with water.

1. Don’t Place AirPods In Rice

    Placing the AirPods in rice can cause scratches on its body and might go inside Airpods. At the same point, it’s one of the less efficient ways. 

    2. Ignore Using a Hair Dryer

    Though heat is a fast way to dissipate water or moisture, it can melt small particles of Airpods and further cause severe hardware damage. 

    3. Don’t Put Airpods In Sunlight 

    Unlike using the hair dryer, ignore placing it directly, as it can possibly harm the internal component of the AirPods.

    How To Avoid Water Damage On AirPods

    If you have accidentally submerged the AirPods into the water, there is a high chance of AirPods not working at all. Sometimes moisture or water immediately affects; other times, it slowly affects the AirPod’s circuit. And the worst part is, this isn’t covered under warranty. So here are some tips you need to consider to prevent AirPods from getting water damage. 

    • Ignore leaving AirPods on wet surfaces.
    • Don’t wear it while it’s raining.
    • Don’t place it next to the water bottle.
    • Place the AirPods inside the case when not using it.
    • Don’t wear it while swimming and taking a shower.
    • Wrap the AirPods with waterproof cases.

    Final Thought!

    AirPods aren’t pocket friendly, and thus it’s necessary to know if they are waterproof or water-resistant. Hopefully, the above guide clears your doubt.

    Can I Use My AirPods In The Shower?

    No, none of the Airpods are designed for water activities like swimming and showers, even though they have water-resistance properties.

    How Do You Fix An Airpod That Got Wet?

    Initially, dry them using soft cotton clothes, use eject shortcuts, and further try to remove moisture from AirPods by leaving them with silica gel. If none of them work, go to the nearest service station and ask for repair.

    How Much Water Can AirPods Take?

    The IPX4 means the AirPods can intake the water splashes from all-direction for up to 10 minutes. 

    Is Airpods Water Damage Covered Under Warranty?

    The Apple one-year warranty doesn’t cover water and other liquid damage to your AirPods. But you can subscribe to Applecare+ Plan if you are worried about such scenarios.

    To check the Estimated cost,

    1. Go to the Apple Repair check webpage.
    2. Select your Service type (Other damage), Product or accessory, and Model. Click on Get Estimate.
    1. See Price for final service fee, and With AppleCare+ Plan.
    1. That’s it.

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