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How to Delete Apps from iCloud in iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, and iPhone XR

There are many people whose iPhone storage is full as well as iCloud storage, but they don’t want to buy more storage. Considering this issue, we have ...

How to Fix iTunes Error 0xe80000a on iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS or iPhone XR

Unlike iPhone, iTunes is also causing multiple errors like 0xe80000a on iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS or iPhone XR. This error is commonly faced and fixed by dozens ...

How to Download Photos from iCloud to Mac or Windows PC: 2021 Update

If we look at other cloud storages, it is difficult to download the files from anywhere. Unlike iCloud is not the same, with iCloud you can approach any video ...

How to Change Snooze Time on iPhone 12Pro Max, XR, 11 Pro Max, XS Max, iPhone X,8,7, 6S,SE

No offense iPhone’s default Alarm app is the best, excluding customize or change Snooze Time on iPhone alarm app, but if you are looking for a more advanced ...

Where to Find Pictures Taken on iPhone 12Pro/Max/Mini, 11(Pro Max), XS Max, XS, XR/8/7/6

Your iPhone is capable of taking pictures in any environment with the greatest quality. And if you have iPhone then definitely you are assured to get excellent ...

Apple TV the Update Was Not Successful: Here’s Fix

Facing difficulties while updating the Apple TV? However, even if you face adversity like Apple TV software update failed or Apple TV couldn’t download the ...

Apple TV Blinking Light and doesn’t Stop White Flashlight

Many people have reported that Apple TV light does not stop flashing? Is that a problem with your Apple TV too? Generally, when we try to update the Apple TV, ...

Fixed Apple TV Billing Information/Verification Required Error on Purchase or Download apps

Most of the iOS device’s services are extended to Apple TV also. That means a lot of features and applications that you are using in the iPhone can also be ...

Apple TV Black Screen Issue Netflix, Airplay, flesh, flicker, audio only, blinking light, during music

Apple TV is worth considering if you want to buy a new TV for your home, though it is costly, it is best. None of the smart TV is efficient concerning features ...

Apple TV Remote Not Working in 2021: How to Fix

Like Apple TV, its remote is also smart which reduces the labor of your fingers. All you have to ask Siri and you can get the things done like increasing ...

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  1. Yes, I mean you should go with the method 1, Cancel Apple Music Plan from iPhone.
    Thanks it will work for you!

  2. In Latest iOS 12, There is no any option that you are looking for! pls, share screen if you have!

  3. Agreed! Thanks for Feedback.

  4. yes, Brittnay caught right point. For use Personal hotspot you must have active cellular plan and your carrier companies allow to use personal hotspot in a purchased or active plan.

  5. Sorry to hear that. In present iOS 12, it’s not possible. Wait for Future update. in addition, you can send feedback to apple.

  6. Yes, You can restore from icloud backup. i mean, you are safe.

  7. You can export all the contacts manually from first Apple ID and restore into another Apple ID login.

    Get tips over here, (Read the first part)

  8. Thank You For your Feedback! Care your Apple Watch. Because After Reset/Unpair & Repair, Find my Watch will auto disabled.

  9. Right now it’s bug in iOS 12.1

  10. Now, We Updated this Article for iOS 12.1
    Happy Visiting us!

  11. iOS 12 or later iOS: Restrictions settings are moved inside Screen Time,

    Check this tutorial,

  12. Might be Deleted. You can get back after clean install that i explained in the Last solution. Restore your iPhone to Factory settings then restore Backup.

    1. First Back up your iOS device on iTunes.
    2. Update or Restore iPhone using iTunes in recovery mode to re-install new iOS 12.
    3. Use iTunes to Setup new iPhone that auto copy all the data back as of earlier.


  13. Drage finger from the top right corner of the screen on your iPad. Because Gesture has been changed, that I found on my iPad after update.

  14. Sorry, Apple Dropped This feature in Edge to Edge display mobile. Wait for the next update..

  15. Beta profile installed on your iPhone X, first check this.

    Go to the Settings > General > Profile.

    Otherwise, Re-install iOS 12 beta profile then Force Restart iPhone X. I am sure this will work for you!


  16. if you are irritating with Slow speed issues and Bug. Don’t do that try to install manually.

    Restore will copy all the data (Files and Folders) as like earlier.

    I am using Clean installed macOS Mojave. Very happy to use my mac.

  17. Right not Available, until wait and enjoy default settings…

  18. Yes, iOS 12 Required on Both Devices. and it works for all.

  19. Don’t afraid.

    You can Force Restart,

    Or Use iTunes to install Public Version iOS 11.4 ( and Once you setup iOS 11.4, Re-try to install iOS 12 beta 4 public version on your iPhone.


  20. have you taken any action?

    but it is automatic functionality that put your iPhone at 30 seconds lock while you turn on LPM.

    you can do anything while a phone is on charging. First charge it, Remove LPB and Now you can change Auto lock screen time, Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock (set 30 seconds to 5 Minutes or never).

  21. Update WhatsApp. then Reset all settings and try again.

    Hope this Help!

  22. it will come to soon. Just Wait, but it’s confirmed.

  23. double check your script, don’t copy from the webpage. try correct text that used here with an Example.

    if possible share your screen via Email or Describe more, current MacOS Version, Mac Model and more..

    Thank u! i glad to help you!

  24. Thanks for your Voice! Enjoy

  25. Check your Country! Can you share from which country you belong?

    Follow my Guide Install News App outside USA, UK: Follow Clue 0 at top in article.

  26. OTA means > Over The Air or Using WiFi.

    You don’t need iTunes or Mac/PC.

  27. you need to wait for few seconds, Mac App store will open on your screen with MacOS Mojave download option.

    Also note that Your Mac doesn’t turn off or stop to go into sleep mode otherwise you need to re-download MacOS (6GB Setup file).

    Thank you! i Check out your problem at my end and it’s works for me!

  28. Yes, country wise it might be different with the name. But you can go with the same steps.