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Update iPhone_iPad

How to Download & Install Software Update Using Finder/iTunes on iPhone, iPad

Are you uncomfortable to Download and install newly released iOS on your iPhone, iPad? Here’s the way to go How to update iOS using iTunes or Without WiFi or Cellular data plan, Rather than whatever other reasons. This process takes time. First, iTunes/Finder will check your device able to receive the update from Apple, and then downloaded file will be saved on Mac or PC local drive. After download, it will ready for the upgrade.

Note: the whole process takes a long time depends on new update version Size (In Megabyte or Gigabyte), also depends on internet speed.


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This trick works for all iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch model and iOS version. The latest version of iOS 13/iOS 12/iOS 11.

Update iPhone_iPad
Update iPhone_iPad


Steps: Download & Update iOS using iTunes/Finder on the iPhone, iPad

  • macOS Catalina on Later MacOS Version installed on Mac, use Finder for Software Update on iPhone and iPad. But MacOS Mojave or Earlier Mac User can use iTunes. in the same way windows, user can use iTunes. Follow the below steps for how to update new iOS/iPadOS.

Prepare device & Optional: While we connect iPhone to Finder/iTunes on Mac/PC. We can Update iPhone on device summary page.

  1. Connect your Device via lightning cable to Finder/iTunes installed on Mac or PC.
  2. The device should Detect in iTunes automatically on Top of the iTunes windows/Check Finder sidebar under the locations on Mac, Click on Device. Device summary will appear on Finder/Sidebar.
  3. Next, Tap on Pair, may your screen ask about iTunes library. Then click on “Check for Update” on Device summary.[Finder Window on Mac]
    Change iPhone name on Mac Finder No iTunes
    Change iPhone name on Mac Finder No iTunes

    [iTunes Screen]Find update iOS option in iTunes

  4. Accept Apple’s terms and conditions displayed on the screen. Next and Agree.
  5. Before you start an upgrade, Verify passcode by entering correct passcode.
  6. Download process you can see at the top right corner of iTunes. After complete download you device auto backup in iTunes.
  7. Wait for update process in device, Device turn off & on many times itself.
  8. During the installation don’t unplug the device from iTunes or try to interrupt in the process.
  9. After complete iOS update, Passcode screen appears first, enter correct one and follow the step shown on screen.

Auto-sync all data back to the device you must enter correct Apple ID and password.

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