Best Air Quality index Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2023

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Breathing clean air is crucial for our well-being, and with air quality index apps for iPhone, staying informed has never been easier. If you live in an area with poor air quality, then It is advisable to keep track of the AQI, or Air Quality Index, frequently. Plenty of Air pollution apps are in the market to track AQI, allowing you to track air quality right from your iPhone or Apple Watch. These user-friendly apps provide real-time data about the air quality in your area, helping you make informed decisions to protect your health. You can quickly check the air quality index to get detailed pollutant information and receive personalized alerts when the air quality changes. 

Whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go, these apps keep you updated on pollution levels and offer valuable insights to ensure you can breathe easier and live healthier. In this article, you will learn about the best Air quality index app for iPhones that are worth installing on the phone for better health.

1. IQAir AirVisual 

IQAir AirVisual
IQAir AirVisual

The IQAir app iPhone is the Best free air quality app iphone which offers a comprehensive solution to monitor and understand air pollution levels worldwide. You can easily check historical, real-time, and forecast data for over 10,000+ locations in 100+ countries. You can easily track pollutant levels and Air Quality Index (AQI) in a clear and user-friendly format. The app’s 2D and 3D pollution maps provide visual data of global pollution indexes and offer health recommendations for sensitive groups. You can also share air quality information with friends and stay updated on air pollution news and developments. The app also has various educational resources to help users understand air pollutants, especially PM2.5, and provide valuable insights on living in polluted environments with respiratory illnesses like asthma. 

Pros of using IQAir AirVisual:

  • Get Real-time, and Forecast Air Pollution Data
  • 2D & 3D World Pollution Maps
  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Price = Free

2. Plume Labs 

Plume Labs 
Plume Labs 

The Plume Labs is the top Air quality app iphone free for monitoring and navigating air quality. With live, street-by-street air quality maps, you can access real-time pollution levels, which will help you to choose the cleanest routes and outdoor spots. The app provides detailed data for key pollutants like NO2, PM2.5, PM10, and O3, with a 72-hour forecast and up to 6 months of historical data, ensuring users stay informed about pollution trends. It offers Hyperlocal information to make informed decisions to choose the best spot and reduce exposure to pollutants by up to 50%. The app offers clean-air coaching, providing tips for outdoor activities. It also has smart notifications alert feature, which notifies about pollution peaks and clean air periods. You can quickly check daily morning and evening reports to stay updated with the overviews and forecasts for the day ahead. 

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Prps of using Plume Labs:

  • Offers hyper-local information
  • Gives live historical and forecasting data
  • Detailed maps and clean-air coaching

Price = Free

3. Air Matters 

Air Matters
Air Matters

If you are looking for an App to check air quality in home, Air Matters is the ultimate app for real-time broadcasting of air quality information in over 180 countries. You can stay updated about your local air quality with the option to switch between US, China, UK, and Indian standards. The app also offers pollen data and forecasts for the United States and Europe, keeping you updated on potential allergens. The app is easy and convenient to use, with a desktop icon showing the real-time air quality index. Apple Watch users can also access the app with Complications, offering instant wrist access to real-time air quality information. The iMessage Extension makes it effortless to share air quality details during conversations. You can also connect with your Laser Egg air monitor to monitor your house’s air health and get to know comprehensive indoor air quality. It can also be linked to your Philips Smart Air Purifier to check and control real-time indoor air quality from anywhere

Pros of using Air Matters:

  • Get real-time air quality index 
  • Free and convenient app
  • Shows pollen and other alerts location wise

Price = Free & In-App Purchase ($0.99)

4. Air Quality App- Breezometer

Air Quality App- Breezometer
Air Quality App- Breezometer

The Air Quality App is your go-to companion for staying informed and protected in real-time. You can easily get an idea about the outdoor air quality maps that let you visualize pollution levels at street, block, or country levels. Stay ahead of allergy season with daily updates on multiple types of pollen from trees, grass, and weed. Plan your day effectively with the added benefit of daily weather forecasts. It also offers personalized health recommendations, catering to your needs whether at home, exercising, traveling, or with your kids. The app offers timely notifications for changes in outdoor air quality for your favorite locations, ensuring continuous monitoring 24/7. Physicians recommend this app for asthma, lung, and heart patients, so it’s a must-have for parents of young children and infants. 

Pros of using the Air Quality App:

  • Real-time air quality maps 
  • Personalized health recommendations
  • Receive notifications for outdoor air quality
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Price = Free 

5. Air Quality & Pollen 

 Air Quality & Pollen
Air Quality & Pollen

Experience the ultimate protection and health insights with the Air Quality & Pollen app. Now you can travel with confidence with this best Aqi check app because you can easily stay updated with Air Quality Index (AQI) and track allergies and pollens. You can easily check forecasts for (Tree – Birch, Grass, Ragweed, Olive, Alder). The app has amazing features such as UV Index tracking, wildfire hotspots detected by NASA satellites, and much more to ensure your safety. The app keeps you updated with the air quality details with pollutant breakdowns (PM10, PM2.5, NO2, CO, SO2, O3). To enjoy premium features, like Home Screen Widgets, push notifications for level changes, and Apple Watch support, you must upgrade to a premium subscription.

Pros of using Air Quality & Pollen:

  • Detailed Air Quality & Pollen information
  • Pollen Tracking and Forecasts
  • Fire Hotspots

Price = Free & In-App Purchase ($5.99 – $39.99)

6. My AQI Air

 My AQI Air
My AQI Air

My AQI Air is the Best air quality app ios for real-time air quality monitoring and protection. You can always stay informed about AQI and toxic pollutant concentrations of NO2, O3, SO2, CO, PM10, and PM2.5. The app allows you to search and save locations for quick future checks while finding essential equipment to safeguard against pollution. It is must have app for those with dust allergies, respiratory concerns, or asthma to protect lungs and overall health effectively. The app intelligently utilizes the closest sensor, displaying data even if not available in your city by showing the nearest sensor-equipped city. You can easily share crucial air quality information with friends and family and make informed decisions. With color-coded AQI levels, you can easily understand air quality conditions ranging from good (green) to hazardous (brown). 

Pros of using My AQI Air:

  • Useful for dust allergy and respiratory matters
  •  An extensive network of air pollution sensors
  • Search and save locations

Price = Free & In-App Purchase ($0.99 – $14.49)

7. Airly 


Experience the power of Airly, the ultimate Air quality check app, bringing real-time data right to your fingertips. With the largest network of 40,000 sensors and official stations worldwide, the app delivers reliable air pollution information transparently and user-friendly. You can stay informed about the air you breathe with measurements of PM1, PM2.5, PM10, gases, temperature, pressure, air humidity, and wind strength and direction. It also allows adding sensors to Favorites for quick access to crucial places like home or work. The app also has a “push” notifications feature based on your preferences whenever air pollution standards are exceeded. With the effective widget, you can instantly access essential and accurate information on your phone.

Pros of using Airly:

  • 40,000 air quality monitoringsensors 
  • Allows real-time controlling 
  • quick access and real-time push notification
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Price = Free


Air Quality Index (AQI) apps for iPhones play a crucial role in helping users stay informed about the air quality in their surroundings. With real-time data and location-based monitoring, these apps provide valuable insights to protect health and make informed decisions. Popular apps like AirVisual, AirNow, and Plume Labs offer user-friendly interfaces, personalized alerts, and historical data analysis for better understanding. 

By utilizing these apps, iPhone users can take proactive steps to minimize exposure to pollutants and contribute to overall environmental awareness. Regularly checking AQI levels can lead to a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, benefiting both individuals and communities.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ)

What does the air quality index measure?

The air quality index measures the level of pollution and harmful substances present in the air at a specific location. It provides valuable information about the air’s safety including adverse effects on the environment and human health.

What Is the Easiest AQI App to Understand?

The easiest AQI app to understand may vary depending on individual preferences, but some popular and user-friendly options include AirVisual, AirNow, and Plume Labs. These apps typically offer a simple and intuitive interface, color-coded AQI scales, and detailed information on air quality levels, helping users stay informed about pollution levels and potential health risks in their area.

Is there an app to measure indoor air quality?

There are several Free indoor air quality apps; some popular ones include AirVisual, Foobot, and AirMentor. These apps utilize sensors or connect to external devices to monitor indoor pollutants such as VOCs, CO2, temperature, and humidity levels. They provide real-time data, alerts, and recommendations to help users create a healthier and safer indoor environment.

What is the easiest way to measure air quality?

The easiest way to measure air quality is by using a portable air quality monitor or the best app for air quality index. These devices are user-friendly and come equipped with sensors to detect pollutants like particulate matter (PM2.5), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon dioxide (CO2), and more. Simply turn on the monitor, and it will provide real-time readings, helping you stay aware of the air quality in your surroundings and take necessary precautions for your health.

What are the 6 levels of air quality?

The 6 levels of air quality are categorized by the Air Quality Index (AQI) scale. They include:

  1. Good (0-50 AQI): Air quality is satisfactory, and air pollution poses little or no risk.
  2. Moderate (51-100 AQI): Air quality is acceptable, but sensitive individuals may have a slight health concern.
  3. Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups (101-150 AQI): Some members of the public may experience health effects, especially those with respiratory conditions.
  4. Unhealthy (151-200 AQI): Everyone can face health risks, including sensitive groups. 
  5. Very Unhealthy (201-300 AQI): Health warnings of emergency conditions. The entire population may experience serious health effects.
  6. Hazardous (301-500 AQI): Health alert! The entire population is likely to get affected, and emergency conditions are in place.
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