How to Turn off NameDrop in iOS 17 on iPhone (Video Guide)

Last Updated on Jul 26, 2023

Apple’s AirDrop technology’s new NameDrop feature is arguably one of the best Apple inventions. The feature allows you to share specific phone number, email address, and you can also share them with contact poster instantly. But NameDrop can sometimes lead to uninvited requests. 

Therefore, to avoid NameDrop requests from unknown persons, you’ll want to disable NameDrop while in public spaces. Here’s how you can turn off Name Drop on your iPhone running iOS 17 version.

Way to Disable NameDrop/ AirDrop in iOS 17

Before proceeding to the procedure, let’s look at the possible reasons to disable NameDrop on your iPhone. 

Why turn off NameDrop on iPhone?

Privacy: Disabling NameDrop in public space will make your device discoverable and ensure you don’t get any unwanted NameDrop requests.

Less confusion among multiple devices: If you have multiple iPhone flagships, choosing which device to send a contact or email address may get confusing. In this scenario, it’s best to turn off NameDrop on one device where you don’t want to share information. However, for this, you can give a personalized name to your iPhone so that it appears with a specific name in the NameDrop pane.  

Steps to Disable NameDrop on iPhone

  1. Launch Settings App. 
  2. Tapping General.
  3. Choose AirDrop.
  4. From the next screen, turn off the toggle next to the Bringing Devices Together.
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Open settings app and tap on general
Choose airdrop and turn toggle off next to Bringing Devices Together to turn off namedrop

That’s It! Follow the same steps and enable the toggle next to the Bringing Devices Together to use it in the future.

Hands-on video to turn off Name Drop on iPhone with iOS 17 Developer Beta 4

Final Thought!

No matter what iPhone you use, turning off NameDrop on your device is not hard. You can easily disable it from the Settings App, but doing it means you can no longer exchange information.

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