How to Play 8/9 Ball Pool Game in iMessage on iPhone 2023, iPad: Game Rules, Cheats, Shoot Guide

Guide To Play Game in iMessage

The brand Miniclip’s 8 ball pool game is a pocket billiard game that is very popular and simple to play with opponents. Would you like to be an expert in 8 Ball Pool and 9 Ball Pool with hidden tricks and cheats that are applicable in your iOS 15 game? now the pool game is available on major platforms like Facebook, Apple iMessage, along with the native 8 Ball pool games.  In the last tutorial we have seen how to install Ball pool game in iMessage, and then start to play with your friends listed in the below-playing guide. Also, get the list of iMessage Games and Delete guides.

Once you install the iMessage game on your iOS device, Send a request to your friend to build the same platform at the recipient’s end. Here are we getting started on how to invite friends to play 8 ball pool iMessage and How do you hit the ball in 8 balls on iMessage?

Play 8 Ball Pool on iMessage iPhone Game Guide, Send Request, Save Battery, Adjust Ball

To start the Ball pool shot, wait for your recipient’s request after played shots by your recipients you will get a shot message, which you can play on your screen and last leave up the game and Ball arrangements on a  table.

Steps for Install Game in Messages app on the iPhone

  1. Open the Messages app on the iPhone. Go to iMessage conversation on your iPhone and Start installing the process from the screen.
Open iMessage on Messages app on iPhone
Open iMessage on Messages app on iPhone
  • Next, you will see the App Store icon on the iMessage app drawer screen. Next, Find the Search icon option to find a new Game and app.
  • Download Game app from iMessage app store on iPhone message app
    Download Game app from the iMessage app store on iPhone message app
  • Here’ i am downloading Gamepigeon App from the message app store.
  • Search Game name and install from iMessage app store on iPhone
    Search Game name and install from the iMessage app store on iPhone
  • Once you found your game that supports iMessage, Download, and install. After installed on your iPhone.
  • Move back to the App Drawer screen and Find the Recently download Game – Gamepegion. This is a bundle of games, Find your Pool Game and Tap on it.
  • Select Game for play in iMessage on iPhone - 8-9 Ball pool Game
    Select Game for play in iMessage on iPhone – 8-9 Ball pool Game
  • Now, on this screen, you switch From 8 ball and 9 Ball pool game type. Once you are ready to play a game, Tap on a blue game start button.
  • Next, You have to inviter your friends to start a game by sending a message to your Friend. once your Friend takes his/her turn, You are ready to play your Turn.
  • Take your Turn and Send to your Opponant on iMessage iPhone app
    Take your Turn and Send to your Opponent on iMessage iPhone app
  • Here’s you can move stick on a pool table by drag the ball on pool table also Hit the shot on Tabel ball, Hit the ball.
  • Check Play Game Tools on iMessage app
    Check Play Game Tools on the iMessage app
  • Sent to your Friend.
  • That’s it.
  • Anytime we can hide the unwanted app and game installed on the Messages app on the iPhone. Also, we can delete the app from the iPhone message app. here’s the sample guide on Remove or uninstall Gamepigeon Game from iPhone.

    Watch this video on how to shoot the ball in 8 Ball on iMessage

    1. how to shoot in 8 ball pool on iMessage
    2. how to hit the ball in 8 Ball on iMessage
    3. how to play 8 Ball on iMessage iOS 13 or Earlier
    1 8 Ball Pool iPhone game guide and tips for iPhone
    • Arrange your White ball near to the target. Next ‘V’ shaped button appears on the screen for easy to identify directions and done well shot.
    • To shoot the balls on Pool, Slide finger down from side stick force measurements. It will help to give an idea of shot weight.
    2 Sent your turn to recipents in iMessage on iPhone and iPad

    Each turn you can send your shot to your recipients in the message, he/she can play on the device. And prepare a strategy for you.

    What are the rules and guidelines for the Pocket billiard game (8 Ball Pool)

    There are certain rules that gamers will have to follow before, during, and at the end of the game play. Before are the listed all bullet points have been covered under the rules. Read carefully and for more information get the source link below.

    1. An object of the game of 8-ball
    2. Winner of the Break
    3. Racking the Balls
    4. The Break
    5. Call Shot
    6. Legal Shot
    7. Playing
    8. End of Inning
    9. Fouls
    10. Winning a Game
    11. Losing a Game
    12. Playing the Eight Ball
    13. Illegally Pocketed Balls

    All these rules you can read from here.

    Save Battery and WiFi/ Cellular Data in 8 Ball Pool/ 9 Ball Pool

    • From left/ bottom iPhone/ iPad game screen find the gear icon, Tap on it.
    • There you will be finding three essential game settings like Music, Sound, and Send Images. By Disable it you can save more data.
    3 Preview move and Change pool settings

    More Accessories also you can find under Settings, Profile avatar, and more.

    Apart from the Game, you can now use Memoji Stickers in iMessage running iOS 15 and later all devices. in the end, if you are looking for a cheat for 8 ball pool games then watch this video guide. I hope you will get an actual free source that you would like to use in the 8 ball pool. Thank you!!

    Keep visiting us here for more updates, on the iMessage eight Ball Pool iPhone game guide and Help. Also, share your experience with us in the comment box.

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