Best EQ Apps for iPhone 12Pro Max/Mini, 11(Pro Max), iPhone XR, XS, XS Max/X/7/8/6/ iPad of 2023

Best EQ Apps For iPhone iPad
Best EQ Apps For iPhone iPad

The EQ apps are specially designed to improve the sound quality of the iPhone. Some of the iPhone doesn’t work well after long-duration alongside a corrupt music file seems not to work well on the iPhone, at that time EQ apps are the best choice. No doubt iPhone has EQ, but it provides limited customization compare to these third-party equalizers.

That’s why we are recommending the best EQ apps for iPhone 12Pro/Max/Mini, 11(Pro Pro), iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max, And Other iPhone models and iPad. Carefully, look at these equalizer apps and pick one which suits you and your music to make a better sound.

Top Best EQ Apps for iPhone/iPad – Boost Song Volume and Change

1: Boom: Music Player and Equalizer

The Boom app is the finest way to redefine your music with Bass Booster and handcrafted presets. It delivers amazing 3D surround sound when you play songs in headphones. This equalizer app for iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max, consists of 29 Handcrafted presets such as Pop, Dubstep, etc. You can stream over 40K radio stations with clean, minimal and easy to use interface. The basic version is freely available to download, but if you want some add-in features then purchase them.

App Store: Boom

2: Evermusic Pro

evermusic EQ music app for iPhone and iPad
evermusic EQ music app for iPhone and iPad

Evermusic Pro is a 3-in-1 app which offers, Equalizer, CarPlay, and Chromecast. Alongside play songs with the bass booster and audio equalizer in outstanding quality. Besides if you have music stored in Google Drive, Dropbox, pCloud, OneDrive, MediaFire, HiDrive, or on SMB it is accessible right from this app. It also allows you to play Audio Books, with additional controls such as playback speed, saving of media position and audio bookmarks.

App Store: Evermusic Pro

3: Equalizer-Bass Booster

Equalizer plus volume booster app for iPhone and iPad
Equalizer plus volume booster app for iPhone and iPad

The best part of using this app is, it supports all the major 9 audio formats including mp3, aifc, flac, caf, wav, ac3m4a, aac, and aiff. With the help of ten multiple equalizer bands and predefined presets, you can enjoy 3D sound right in this app. You can also go for an independent equalizer for low bass and high frequencies as per your convenience. Moreover, it contains Sleep timer, Shuffle, Favorites, Listening history, Create and edit playlists and much more.

App Store: Equalizer

4: Equalizer+

Equalizer mp3 music player for iPhone and iPad
Equalizer mp3 music player for iPhone and iPad

The time has come to customize the sound as you want by downloading Equalizer+ app on your iPhone. The new generation equalizer will extend the capabilities of music players and improve the sound quality drastically. All the major sound effects like Bass Booster, Vocal Booster, Deep, Dance, Hip-Hop, Latin, Jazz and more are included in this app for best results. Divide your playlist into three categories, Best hits, Hot music, and My favorite.

App Store: Equalizer+

5: Best EQ Player Apps For iPhone

Best EQ player app for iPhone and iPad
Best EQ player app for iPhone and iPad

Compare to other Equalizer apps, MolaEqualizer provides a lot more facilities. Like, if the audio has low tone, then with this app you can amplify the sound and listen in a high tone. Auto access all media files within this app, Photo Albums, iPod Library-Movies, Albums, Artist, Songs, Playlist, Documents. Find the song and play on it.

With this equalizer app, you can see the lyrics while playing the song in the background, even it allows you to scroll down the lyrics. The EQ setting offers three different modes such as Curve Mode, Tow Mode, and Graphic Equalizer.

App Store: MolaEqualizer

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