How to Use Facebook Stories on iPhone and iPad

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Hey friends get here how to use Facebook Stories on iPhone App. Set 24 Hours Visible specific friends, expect people and hide from your Facebook timeline.

After brought sharing live location in Messenger, Menlo Park Company, reliable Facebook introduces clone feature of snapchat called Facebook Stories and Facebook Direct for iOS and Android users. Both new features are added into new Facebook Update App version 85.0 for Apple iPhone. lets guys know here everything about how to use Facebook Stories on iPhone, iPad.


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A fresh way let you apply fun reactive effects to your snap and clip which interact with dynamic objects. It is easy to share with your audience, Specific friends, on your Facebook timeline and each other. Additionally, before sharing, you can save your Picasso style selfie and Facebook Stories into your iPhone camera roll.

Movie masks like Ridley Scott directed Alien: Covenant, American 3D- computer animation movie Despicable Me 3, superhero film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, thriller movie Power Rangers, adventure comedy film Smurfs: The Lost Village and upcoming June 2017 movie Wonder Woman character masks are available in FB messenger. now you can also add multiple photos to facebook story. so now to add the second story on facebook easy very easy without any extra trick.

Do you want to add masks, frames, color brush, and interactive filters to make your Facebook Stories attractive? Go with the following guide.

Complete Guide to Use Facebook Stories on iPhone, iPad: 24 Hours Visible

Make and Share Facebook Stories on iOS 10 App how to

Step 1. First of all, You must have the latest Facebook app on your iPhone.

Step 2. Tap Facebook Feed on the left-bottom bar or tap on directly Camera icon appear on the top-left side to access art camera screen.

Step 3. Now see on the left-upper side, you will see the Direct and Your Story (with profile picture) buttons in sequence.

How to Use Facebook Stories on iPhone iOS 10

Step 4. Tap on Your Story.

Step 5. It will let you on the Facebook Camera screen.

Here you can capture Photos, Selfie and Video. You can make creative pictures and videos using available new latest frames and effects.

Choose mask and apply to your picture or video of FB stories

You can write text over picture or videos for the title of your Facebook Stories. this third-party iOS Keyboard Apps gives stylish font and bold font to put amazing text over the picture. Don’t forget to tap on Done to save effect.

font style and text over picture on facebook stories iPhone

Try this color brush to drawing effect to make cool snap and video.

how to use Color brush for Facebook stories on iPhone

before sharing FB Stories you can save into your iPhone camera roll.

how to save Facebook stories to camera roll on iPhone

You can also put visual guest art from the visual artist. And stay in touch daily to get fresh creative effects in the camera to get fun with new frames and filters.

At the Facebook Stories sharing time, you can adjust who can see your Facebook Stories like specific friends, Facebook timeline, hide stories from someone else etc.

in Given Screen, you appear Share FB Stories switch the tap on to share.

Share facebook stories to your friends, facebook group on iPhone

As like other social app Stories features, FB Stories visible in your story to your friends for 24 hours.

Once your friends open up your FB stories, then they get one more view within 24 hours. After exactly 1-day cycle complete, you don’t have to need to turn off Facebook Stories in iOS, because it will be invisible in an entire Facebook app. So we recommend, you should save facebook stories to camera roll on iPhone before it banishes.

Where do I see my friends FB Stories on iPhone?

You can view your buddies FB stories on iOS. Just go to the FB iOS App feed screen (appear left-lower side) and look on top stories bar. Now see from your FB stories right side, you can view available all friends FB stories. In addition, you can directly reply to your friend Stories, if you want. That’s it.

How to Delete facebook Stories on iPhone

Tap on your Stories → Tap on More (Dots icon) icon

tap on FB Stories to delete photo or video on iPhone App

You’ll get an action sheet: Delete Photo and Save Photo.

Tap Delete Photo → at the end, Tap Delete below on message screen (Delete this Photo from your story?).

Tap Delete Photos from FB Stories

You’re done.

Now, your FB stories will no longer visible.

if Facebook stories not loading, then you might face issue related low-speed internet. Switch on other Wi-Fi to boost Stories.

We hope friends, now you can create photos and videos to use Facebook Stories on iPhone. We’ll wait for the feedback of your pleasure. Find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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