Best Package Tracking Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2023

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We all wait desperately for our online orders. Online shopping is always fun, but deliveries can be unexpected if it’s not timely scheduled. That’s where package tracking apps come into the picture. Package tracking apps are the best way to keep an eye on your important deliveries. If you are using iPhone, ios has an amazing inbuilt feature for order tracking and parcel tracking. Whether your Parcel is shipped from Amazon, DHL, Fed Ex, or any other shipping company, Package Tracking & Delivery Apps for iPhone syncs all your upcoming deliveries and notify you in advance so you never miss any of your delivery. In this blog, you will read about the best Package Tracking Apps for iOS and iPadOS.

Recommended Best Package Tracking App for iOS and iPadOS

1) Apple Wallet – Free shipment tracking App

apple-wallet a free package app on iOS mobile

Apple Wallet is the best way to store all confidential details in one place. With an Apple wallet, you don’t have to worry about physically carrying your cards or keys everywhere. Store your car key, student ID, home key, office key, and much more in your Apple wallet and use it digitally everywhere you go. When you buy with an Apple wallet, you can earn unlimited cash with an Apple card on every purchase. You can easily check order status, estimated arrival, and other order details in the order tracking. Just ensure that you are using the latest version of iPadOS or macOS and log in with the same Apple ID.

Key features of Apple Wallet:

  • All-in-one place for cash and keys
  • Earn unlimited cash with each purchase
  • Free and simple to use

2) USPS Mobile

usps-mobile popular package tracking app for iPhone

USPS mobile is a super handy shipping tracking app that lets you know about upcoming deliveries in advance. It can be downloaded on mobile phones as well as tablets to find information related to shipping. With USPS Mobile, you can calculate shipping prices, search for the post office zip code, schedule next-day pickup, and much more. The app allows to allocate nicknames to the shipments and receive email alerts for shipment. You can also get an assumption of how much postage you will need for domestic and international shipments.

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Key features of USPS Mobile:

  • Schedule a next-day pickup
  • Find a ZIP Code and locate the post office
  • Buy stamps

3) Shop: All your favorite brands

shop-all-your-favorite-brands for global

If you are a brand lover and looking for an effective package tracking app with notifications, then this is the app you must have. You can shop for the exclusive brand collection at reliable rates. You can browse various types of collections and get personalized suggestions regarding new brands. With the push notification feature, you can never miss an important update for sale, order status, and product restocking. You can send digital gifts to your loved ones. The app has flexible payment options with buy now or pay later, or you can also pay securely with shop pay for faster checkout.

Key features of Shop: All your favorite brands:

  •  Real-time order update
  •  Buy now, pay later
  • Digital gifting and other shoppable content.

4) AfterShip Package Tracker 


If you are a person who receives a lot of packages, then this app is for you. Leave all your worries for delivery updates on AfterShip Package Tracker. This app works with all local carriers such as The Post, UPS, FedEx, DHL, DPD, USPS, and much more. Simply copy your package ID, and the app will autodetect the courier company. You can receive free push notifications for the top 8 important order delivery. You can also track your shipment tracking for iPhone by simply scanning the barcode. Moreover, the app is ad-free and can be easily synced with Gmail to receive shipment updates.

Key features of AfterShip Package Tracker:

  • Real-time shipment notification
  • Ad-free
  • Auto-detect shipment carrier

5) Deliveries: a package tracker


Deliveries is the best package tracker app that is worth trying. You can check all your shipments in the main lists and see the current location of your package by clicking on delivery, and it will show the location on the map. You can track orders from various courier services; the app shows different color codes based on the courier service, such as UPS – Brown, FedEx – Purple, and soon. The app supports syncing delivery between devices and the cloud, so you get instant notifications with every transit update without any delays. Moreover, it has a Notification Center widget that allows you to check the package status without opening the app.

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Key features of Deliveries: a package tracker:

  • Notification Center widget
  • Unique color code based on courier service
  • Real-time transit update 

6) Parcel – Best multi-service tracker


Parcel is the top-rated package tracking app which is completely free. Its sleek and simple design allows you to instantly access tracking information for up to 300 delivery services. It has a unique carrier recognition feature that adds new delivery in no time. Parcel has a reliable subscription price starting at $2.99 a year. You can just sign In With Apple; you are good to go. You can also put a specific name or label in case you have multiple delivery arrivals. Leave all your worries on the parcel app for iOS and watchOS, even if your delivery status changes. 

Key features of Parcel:

  • Receive updates on Vehicle Parameters
  • Computerized Proof-of-Delivery.
  • Route Optimisation
  • Siri integration to track your courier

7) 17TRACK Package Tracker

Free 17track package tracker for iPhone and ipad

17TRACK Package Tracker is one of the legit package tracking apps. It is a global package tracking platform that supports around 700 carriers worldwide and is officially ad-free. The app supports all major international carrier services, such as China Post, China EMS, DHL, FedEx, Yanwen, YunExpress, and much more. It allows tracking multiple carriers and batch numbers and also supports barcode and QR scanners. The app autodetects the carrier information and can be synced easily with different devices using a cloud-based service. With intelligent numbers management, you can add categories and edit memos to your tracking numbers too.

Key features of 17TRACK Package Tracker:

  • Good universal and accurate package tracking app
  • 700 worldwide carriers supported
  • Official ad-free 
  • Auto-detect carriers

8) Package Tracker –

package tracker pkgenet

Track all your shipments from just one app. You can track your domestic and international packages hassle-free with a package tracker. You will never have to worry about an emergency crisis with this app, just track your shipment using the post office tracking number and also check using quick postal tracking. Whether your shipment is changed with another carrier service, with the effective system, you can easily find detailed updates and precise locations of your shipment. The app is easy to use with the minimum user input, and it’s completely ad-free and free from other disturbances.

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Key features of Package Tracker –

  • Ad-free
  • Minimum user input
  • Online push notifications 

9) ParcelTrack 


ParcelTrack is your one-stop destination for tracking shipments from multiple carrier services. The app integrates all of your deliveries from over 50 carrier services into a single app. You get order updates through push notifications of your expected delivery. In case you are unavailable during delivery time, the parcel tracking informs you about who has your package. It has an automatic carrier detection system, just enter the tracking number, and you can see all the necessary information regarding the shipments. Every parcel track user is assigned a unique user id and email inbox so that you don’t have to enter a lengthy tracking number; just send an email, and the app server automatically fetches the tracking ID.

Key features of ParcelTrack

  • Real-time delivery forecast
  • Free push notifications
  • Automatic carrier detection

10) OneTracker 


One Tracker is the best multi-carrier package tracker that is free and supports all major carrier services worldwide. The app sends real-time important shipment updates, which are completely free of charge. It has an automatic tracking feature: you just need to forward an email to a unique address and track your shipment. It also allows manually adding the packages using the bar code scanner and automatic clipboard detection. The app is available on various platforms; you can easily sign up free for a OneTracker account to sync your delivery packages.

Key features of OneTracker 

  • Simple and sleek design
  • Free signup for OneTracker account
  • Automatic tracking

Final Thoughts,

I hope you liked reading the blog and found it helpful in choosing the Best Delivery Tracking Apps for iPhone. Tracking parcels from different carrier services can really be time-consuming and hectic sometimes. Parcel tracking apps do a great job by offering real-time instant updates. 

What are the package tracking apps you use on a regular basis? Comment down your favorite package tracking app below in the comment section.

Happy shopping and tracking!

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