11 Best VoIP iPhone Apps For iPhone in 2023

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Currently, iPhone VoIP has become a broad terminology with several options provided to the consumer. The flexibility of a smartphone and the freedom of VoIP ensures that a cellphone company does not restrict mobile communication. You can accomplish VoIP on the iPhone in several ways. Several VoIP providers offer iPhone VoIP apps with cutting-edge features.

iPhone VoIP apps are usually free or cheap to download. You can make calls on your preferred iPhone VoIP app for negligible or no additional charges. Similar to all mobile VoIP, iPhone VoIP is suitable for international calling. It is important to note that the international rates for VoIP are significantly cheaper than that via cellular networks. VoIP iPhone apps allow you to separate personal and work calls. Moreover, they provide immediate access to prominent business functionalities, including caller I.D., visual voicemail, and call forwarding. If you need clarification about how to make a choice, the following selection of the best VoIP iPhone apps helps you to make an informed buying decision.

1. WhatsApp Messenger



  • Smooth group chat functionality
  • Allows sending private messages across the world
  • No subscription fees
  • Secure voice and video calls
  • Easy sharing of daily moments


  • Only allows inviting a new friend

 Regarding an outstanding Internet call experience without compromising privacy, WhatsApp Messenger is the best free VoIP app for iPhone. It ensures that your messages and calls to anybody are end-to-end encrypted. Nobody outside your chat, not even WhatsApp, could read or listen to your messages. You only require your phone number—no need for logins or usernames. You can rapidly see your contacts that are on WhatsApp and begin messaging.

It allows you to make secure voice and video calls with up to 8 persons for free. Moreover, your calls are handled over mobile devices through your phone’s Internet services, although the devices have slow connections. Hence, you benefit from the best VoIP service for iPhones. Mostly, you will not experience VoIP Call Failing issues.

2. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger


  • Unlimited free phone calls and text
  • Includes latest privacy settings
  • Dark mode provides eye comfort
  • Attractive stickers and emojis included
  • Allows customizing your reactions


  • Occasionally keeps ringing during calls

This app is famous for supporting cross-app messaging and calling. You can connect with your Instagram friends directly from Messenger. You only need to search for them using your name or username to call or message. The latest privacy settings help you select who can contact you and where your messages are delivered. This VoIP app for iPhone free allows you to select from amusing themes and colors to make chats more personal.

It allows you to watch T.V. shows, movies, and videos with your friends on Messenger Video Chat and Rooms. This feature is useful if you can’t be together. Hence, you can easily capture all moments and reactions in real time. You can continue exchanging phone numbers and sending a message to Facebook friends.

3. TextNow



  • Supports affordable high-speed data
  • Allows adding a second number to the phone
  • Cost-effective international calling
  • Supports both mobile and WiFi calling
  • Passcodes keep messages private and safe


  • May you reassign your number to someone else

Are you looking for the best VoIP app for iPhone international calls that ensures the best calling experience and privacy? If yes, then you can use TextNow. You need to download this app, choose a free phone number with the U.S. area code of your preference, and begin texting and calling. You can also obtain a TextNow SIM card to easily access the same nationwide network with coverage identical to the large carriers without paying any charges.

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Your phone requirements can change, and TextNow can address that. With cheap data add-ons, you can obtain mobile data and move anywhere. Pay for the data you require when you use it. You can use this Best VoIP app with your phone number as your free local 2nd phone number if you want more privacy.

4. Talkatone



  • Affordable international calls
  • Transforms an iPad or iPod into a Phone
  • Free MMS and picture texting
  • Act as a phone free of cost
  • Free group texting supported


  • Doesn’t support 911 emergency calling or texting

This best Voip for iPhone allows you to make free calls and texts through WiFi or cellular data. Your cell minutes will not be used. This free calling app keeps you in touch with your family and friends, irrespective of their locations.

You can send photos for free to Canadian or U.S. numbers without cellular data. So, this app is perfect for travelers. You don’t need a cell plan to text and call family and friends from your iPod or iPad. If you don’t have a data plan, you can connect to the WiFi to make free texts and calls. Note that by paying $12.99 monthly, this app allows limitless calls to select countries.

5. Viber Messenger

Viber Messenger
Viber Messenger


  • Allows free video and audio calls
  • More members support in group chat
  • Latest emojis for message reaction
  • Thousands of the latest stickers included
  • Supports self-destructing messages for privacy


  • App crashes during chat history restore

 Viber-to-Viber can be your best free calling app for iPhone if you want to enjoy unlimited calls with a maximum of 50 people. It guarantees crystal-clear video and audio calls to anybody in the world. So, it is an excellent app for connecting with family, friends, and colleagues. It supports 1-1 chats, calls, and group chats.

 End-to-end encryption lets you reliably communicate by knowing that all messages stay private. Nobody, not even Viber, can see your messages. Moreover, you can connect with family, friends, and coworkers by starting a group chat for a maximum of 250 members. You can set a timer for each message to send Disappearing Messages in 1-on-1 and group chats. Besides, you can choose how long your recipient can read your message.

6. Rebtel



  • Affordable fees
  • High-quality calling experience
  • Supports unlimited calls per month
  • Supported in various countries
  • Allows calling any phone


  • Account activation issues occasionally

When the matter comes to affordable calls, this best free sip app for iPhone comes in handy. It provides the lowest rates for superior-quality international calls. It supports custom plans to fulfill your calling needs—no need to use the Internet while calling 50+ countries. You can connect over Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, or local phone lines per your requirement.

You can call any phone, from smartphones to landlines, anywhere in the world. No hidden fees are involved. Furthermore, you can invite friends and earn free call credits. Hence, you will experience an enriched international calling experience. Unlike other calling apps, Rebtel doesn’t depend on Wi-Fi. You can always use landlines to have reliable, stable connections.

7. Skype



  • Powerful Siri supported
  • Calendar access for calls scheduling
  • Allows adding a second number for privacy
  • Provides personalized news
  • Detects when your device rotates


  • Various unnecessary features included

Skype is a recommended free calling app for iPhone and provides the best way to remain connected with anybody, anywhere, anytime. It lets you talk to your friends, family, or colleagues. You can conduct free video calls with a maximum of 100 people. Also, you can send and receive text messages, utilize ChatGPT with others, deliver voice messages, and more. Enjoy the screen sharing, which easily displays anything you are working on.

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Skype’s new Today tab helps you to obtain customized news. Updated news lets you stay entertained, productive, informed, and motivated. Note that Skype-to-Skype calls are free; however, operator data charges may incur. Furthermore, you can share your location with other Skype users or use your location to find relevant places around you easily.

8. Google Voice

Google Voice
Google Voice


  • Broad devices compatibility
  • Easy management of messages across devices
  • Advanced voicemail transcriptions
  • Affordable international calls
  • Stores texts, calls, and voicemails for backup


  • Text messaging is not supported in all markets

Google Voice provides a phone number for calling, text messaging, and voicemail. This Best Voip app iOS is compatible with computers and smartphones. It easily syncs across your devices. Hence, you can use this app at home, office, or on the go. It automatically filters spam and blocks numbers you don’t wish to hear. You can easily manage your time with customized text messages, forwarding calls, and voicemail settings.

Your text messages, calls, and voicemails are stored and backed up. So you can easily search your history. You can send and receive separate and group SMS messages from your devices. Google Voice offers advanced voicemail transcriptions, which you can read in the app and send to your email.

9. Line2



  • Unlimited calls and texts
  • Supports local and vanity phone numbers
  • No cellular data is required
  • 30-day money-back guarantee on all plans
  • Call forwarding never to miss a call


  • It may not be suitable for large businesses

Make free VoIP calls on your iPhone and benefit from privacy using this app. It keeps your personal phone number personal. It makes it easy to screen and block calls to keep your privacy with powerful features that relieve you from distracting spam calls. Line2’s premier communications system keeps your second number safe. So you can make and receive calls worry-free.

It is more than a calling app because it offers unlimited text and group messaging. You can easily set up a second texting number and message loved ones and friends. Moreover, the app provides WiFi texting. Hence, you can receive messages without consuming your mobile data. The best thing is that Line 2 is the simplest way to set up vanity or local numbers.

10. Vonage Business Communications



  • Allows playing and reading voicemails
  • Efficient call forwarding
  • Easy management of the single business entity
  • Smooth app interface
  • Effectively handles business contacts across multiple devices.


  • Occasionally inefficient calling experience

Vonage Business Communications maintains a single business identity during calling, video conferencing, or texting. You can do all these tasks anywhere, anytime. It lets you read or play voicemails; also, you can manage settings. No additional charges apply. Existing VBC customers need to log in using their username and password.

Some of its advanced features include “Do Not Disturb” status and Activate Call Forwarding. You can import, check, and edit business contacts over multiple devices. The flexible, worldwide cloud communication platform lets this app provide unified messaging, calling, and meetings. Hence, you benefit from smooth communication between employees and customers. Furthermore, the app maintains a single number over all devices. Hence, they can be effortlessly reached by customers and colleagues.

11. FaceTime


FaceTime is the best ios VoIP app for voice and audio quality. SharePlay lets you listen to music and watch videos. The shared controls and synced playback keeps everybody on the same beat. The smart volume simplifies saving the conversation on FaceTime while you enjoy a song or video. Using a web link, you can invite your friends to this app. Those friends who don’t use Apple devices can instantly connect to the call from their browsers. No login is required.

The voice clarity is excellent with the Voice Isolation. It blocks noise and focuses your voice. Moreover, you can use a Wide Spectrum to highlight each sound in the call. Grid view lets you check people in your Group FaceTime calls in the tiny tiles.

 A VoIP iPhone app provides a myriad of features that you couldn’t find while making traditional phone calls like group chats and video calling. Most VoIP apps also provide cheap rates for international calls. Hence, they help you to stay connected with friends, colleagues, and loved ones living overseas. Since they use the Internet to connect, they are perfect for unreliable or shaky phone service users. These best VoIP apps provide a high-quality calling experience, a user-friendly interface, and other advanced features. Thoroughly read the article above to conveniently and effectively choose the best VoIP calls app for iPhone

Frequently Asked Questions:

VoIP full form –

The full form of VoIP is Voice Over Internet Protocol. 

Are international calls free with VoIP?

Based on your service, VoIP international can be either as per your subscription or pay-as-you-go. Usually, the subscription plans from most providers don’t cover VoIP international calls. They are separately billed, and the charges will be based on the country you are calling. Certain VoIP services will provide you with plans where these local calls will be supported for free. You can call anyone who uses a similar VoIP app for free. For example, you can make international WhatsApp calls for free.

Which countries don’t allow VoIP?

The countries like UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, China, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, North Korea, and Cuba don’t allow VoIP.

What are the charges for VoIP?

The average VoIP phone system costs range from $99 to $400 per extension. The ongoing costs, including service fees, maintenance, and other things, usually range from $20 to $30 per monthly extension. Note that your telecom provider may charge you very high rates for long-distance and international calls.

Which app is best for free international calls?

Various apps are available that provide free internal calls or cheap calling rates. The best app for free international calls depends on different factors. These are the features you need, the countries you want to call, and the devices you use. Some famous apps that offer free or cheap international calling options are WhatsApp, Skype, Google Voice, Viber, Facebook Messenger, FaceTime, and IMO.

 How do I convert my normal phone to VoIP?

The following steps help you to convert a normal phone to VoIP. (I) Ensure you use a reliable, stable Internet connection with enough bandwidth to support VoIP calls. (ii) Select a VoIP service provider that meets your needs. (iii) According to your preference, you can either use an I.P. phone or a VoIP adapter. (iv) Configure an I.P. phone or a VoIP adapter with the required settings given by your VoIP service provider. (v) Make a test call to ensure everything functions properly. (vi) Set up these features offered by your VoIP service provider per your preferences.

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