Best watchOS 7 Features List of 2024

watchOS 7 is currently the latest software version available for the Apple Watch Series 3 or later. It is mainly focused on the Health and Fitness of individuals. Every update introduces a change in the Watch Face, watchOS 7 is no exception. You can have the greatest compilation of Watch Faces, various customization options, to accommodate to our style. If your friend likes Watch Face of your Apple Watch, no worries, use any of the messaging services such as iMessage, Email, or Create Link to share with whomever you want.

Furthermore, other key improvements include, Siri Translation, Maps for Riders, Sleep Tracking and more awaits you. Download the watchOS 7 on Apple Watch and start using them. Above all, kindly verify whether your Apple Watch is compatible with watchOS 7 or not.

Best watchOS 7 Features You Should Know

What are the Apple Watches Compatible with watchOS 7

  • Apple Watch Series 3
  • Apple Watch Series 4
  • Apple Watch Series 5

This Apple Watch must be paired with the iOS 14 or later updated iPhones.

#1. Watch Faces

The New Compilations

watchOS 7 brings the Chronology Pro to the Apple Watch, which adds color filters to the pictures to customize the Watch at your convenience. Almost all the apps let you add up the custom watch face to access the feature in one tap. For instance, if you love to surf, then set the surf theme to your watch face, and get the quick details on water temperature, wind speed, and swell size.

They call it a Compilation. Several other compilations include Shortcuts App, Camera Remote App, Moon Phases, World Clock, and the advanced Sleep App.

Watch Faces

New Watch Face’s is what people are most excited about, whenever Apple releases a new WatchOS update. You can create Watch Face on your own and share with friends, family, or anyone through Email, Text Message, or creating a link.

Explore innovative Watch Faces created by Apple from the App Store. Besides, you can grab a watch face shared on social media platforms.

#2. Sleep Tracking

Our health totally depends upon how much do we sleep, isn’t it? Concerning the health, Apple has added a few more Sleep Tracking abilities to the Watch, to keep track and ensure you don’t miss your sleeping goals.

The iPhone’s Bedtime & Wind Down skills are extended to the Apple Watch, all the sleep metrics will be reflected in your iPhone’s Health App with daily, weekly, and monthly sleeping charts.

Set Sleep Mode on Apple Watch

See how to Use Bedtime and Sleep Mode in iOS 14 and watchOS 7, when you follow these steps and set up the Bedtime and Wind Down, the Watch will automatically enable Do Not Disturb mode and turn down the display before the Wind Downtime.

Although, the Watch will wake you by ringing a mild alarm tone or haptic alarm with a weather report on the Watch Face.

Wind Down

The Wind Down time promises not to disturb and distract you by sending alerts and notifications, before sleeping. For instance, if you have set the Wind Down time to 45minutes, the Apple Watch will dim the Watch Face 45 minutes prior to the Bedtime, and shut down all the other features that may draw away your sleep.

Battery Levels

Whenever your Apple Watch’s battery goes beyond 30%, it will send an alert, before the Bedtime starts, as the Bedtime feature constantly uses the battery.

And when Watch is charged to 100%, the iPhone will notify you.

#3. Handwashing Mode [Watch Video to use Handwashing on Apple Watch]

For the first time, Handwashing Mode is brought to the Apple Watch. Rumours says that Apple is working on Handwashing Mode for a few years, but now it is life in our watch. When the Handwashing Mode is enabled, the Apple Watch will automatically start countdown when you wash the hands and will let you know when you are done washing hands.

Usually, 20 seconds is recommended to wash hands, so it works on those parameters. Once you are done handwashing for 20 seconds, an alert screen with Well Done will be displayed, telling you to stop.

Also, if you stop before 20 seconds, it’ll tell you to continue handwashing and last but not the least, Apple Watch is smarter than you, if you forgot to wash hands after being Home, Apple Watch is there to remind you.

Learn How to Use Handwashing Feature on WatchOS 7

#4. Fitness

Formerly known as Activity App. Fitness app added four more workout features consisting of Dance, Cooldown, Core Training, and Functional Strength Training. Now the Apple Watch tracks your fitness and workout activities, more precisely. In bonus, the Fitness app detects body movements when you dance.

All the Fitness Data is summarized into one single screen of the iPhone, in the Fitness App.

#5. Apple Maps – Cycling Routes

Apple Maps are updated with the Cycling routes, enabling the riders to find the quickest, and plain road to the destination. Now, Cyclist’s don’t have to wait for the roads to get clear of Cars and other traffic. The Maps solely show the directions for the Bikers and Cyclists.

It’s hard to keep track of the route while driving, to overcome this, Maps haptic will let you know when there’s turn to take. Not all the time, you’ll get to ride the bike, in some areas, you might need to walk down the road or take the stairs, that’ll be instructed by the Apple Watch itself.

#6. Hearing Health

Last year watchOS 6 carried a feature that alerts you when the nearby sound level goes high and can harm your hearing, via Noise App. While this time, it is further expanded to connected headphones and AirPods. Following the World Health Organization’s guidelines, the Noise App will prepare a chart showing your weekly report of the sound levels that you’ve listened for the entire week.

It can be accessed from the one and only one Health App of iPhone.

#7. Siri Improvements

Now Siri can translate for you. Simply ask Siri, “how do you speak hello in Japanese”, the results will be on Watch. With correct pronunciation, Siri will say loudly the translation. As of now, it supports 10 languages such as English, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, and more.

All the translations are done offline, keeping the user’s privacy in mind and faster interactions.


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