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how to fix Can’t delete a Voicemail message on iPhone iOS 9

Fix iOS 13/12/iOS 12.4 Voicemail Won’t Delete on iPhone XS Max, XS, XR,X,8(Plus)/7+/6S+/SE/5S

Voicemail is carrier side service, so it is not available for all and in all countries. In the United States, major carriers have given voicemail services to the iPhone users. Some of the users shouting on an issue like can’t delete a voicemail message on iPhone, Won’t Play iPhone Voicemail or when tapping the Voicemail button, iPhone calls voicemail instead of showing the visual voicemail list.

If you are encountering an issue as can’t delete a voicemail on iPhone running on iOS 12/ iOS 11/ iOS 10 Don’t worry. There are numbers of other tricks that can resolve your issue very efficiently.


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Please Note: if you change or insert a new SIM card, you might lose the visual voicemails that saved on your iPhone.

Can’t Delete a Voicemail Message on iPhone: Ultimate Guide to fix 

You should follow explained workarounds carefully. Hope this guide will work well for you.

how to fix Can’t delete a Voicemail message on iPhone iOS 9

Solution 1: Voicemail Come Back After Deleting it

Some iPhone users reported the issues with Voicemail isn’t deleting because it’s re-download from iCloud is it’s enabled. So I would like to recommend turn off all internet connectivity like WiFi or Mobile Data. That we can do automatically by turning on Airplane mode, if AirPlane mode doesn’t help our, Manually turn off WiFi, Cellular Data and Bluetooth from the settings.

Follow the Steps

  1. Put your phone in Airplane Mode [Open Settings > Airplane Mode > Toggle off to Grey]
  2. Open the Phone App
  3. Tap the Voicemail you want to delete
  4. Now Delete the Voicemail
  5. Open Control Center and turn off Airplane Mode
  6. See if the Voicemail actually deleted

Clue #1. Restart your iPhone

Just Press and hold the sleep/wake button until the red slider appears. Drag the slider to the left side to turn off completely your iPhone. Then turn on your iPhone again by Pressing and Holding sleep/wake button on iPhone. If you get the same issue, then keep continues below troubleshooting.

For that user who has an issue related iPhone power button such as Power button stuck/ Power button won’t press or broken in that case try my this guide How to Restart iPhone without Power button iOS

sleep-wake button until the red slider to restart iPhone

Here’s How to force reboot iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus

Clue 2. Carrier Settings Update

You can know here how to update carrier settings on iPhone.

Clue 3. Make Sure your iPhone have the latest iOS

You can check out your iPhone software update at

Open the Settings App looks like a Gear icon  Find General  Tap on Software Update appears underneath About Tab.

Make sure your Phone is connected to the strong Wi-Fi network. Otherwise, you may get an error unable to check for update.

If the software is up to date, then go with the next solution.

Clue 4. Check Voice Mail Setup

Please make sure that the Voicemail setup is done. You can verify it by dialing your phone number from your iPhone.

Clue 5.  Cellular signal strength right

Sometimes you may be unable to delete a voicemail message on iOS, might due to a weak cellular data connection. So make an outgoing call and check out the cell network connection is good.

If above all questions are okay, however, you face same error. Then at least, you should try bottom given workarounds.

→Reset network Settingshow to reset your iPhone 6s plus

SettingsGeneralResetReset Network Settings.

Read more: Reset networks on your iPhone

→Reset Voicemail password

Check this page to reset voicemail password.

Now let me tell us, which clue is your success key to fixing can’t delete a voicemail message on iPhone. Stay in touch with us to get more how-tos on iPhone X/ iPhone 8 (Plus), iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6S/ 6S Plus.

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  1. For me the airplane mode suggestion under Clue 2 worked. I had this voicemail for a couple of months and could not get rid of it. Every time I tried to delete it, it would re-appear within a second.

  2. Clue 2 : in airplane mode worked for me too!! Thank you so much.

  3. The Airplane Mode worked for me as well. Thank you, great website.

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