iPhone Cellular Data Shortcut to Quickly Turn ON or Turn OFF

šŸ—“ļø October 6, 2022 By āœļø Jaysukh patelMy last article will help to use the cellular shortcut in the latest iOS or Prior from notification center, and now here I am going to explain a new features to use Cellular Data shortcut on iPhone. The most significant update in the latest iOS Customize Control Center, and Latest iOS supporting 3D touch. now using 3D touch, we can use Cellular data shortcut for enabling/ Disable quickly from home app. Not only the new iPhone model but also useful on the iPhone.

Pre-requisite: All iPhone, iPad eligible to use Mobile Data Shortcut on Device.

For the OLD iOS version we can do only using the Third-party app, But now it also works and the Second method is used Cellular Data shortcut from 3D touch options.

Apart from 3D touch, using a third-party widget app also works for creating a custom shortcut in the notification center.

Use Cellular Data shortcut on iPhone, iPad

Method 1: Mobile Data is now AvailableĀ in Control center

  • No Home button iPhone, Swipe Down from top Right corner of the screen, Find Network card and Enable Mobile Data.
    • iPad Users: Swipe Down from the top right corner of the iPad screen > Enable Mobile Data [Celluar iPad online, Otherwise you will see AirDrop option].
  • Home button iPhone: Swipe up finger on the screen, See Control center > Find the network card and Touch and HoldĀ > See Cellular icon or name with iCon.
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1 Open Control Center and Turn on Cellular Data on iPhone


In Single tap on it, you can turn on or Activate CellularĀ data.

For iPhone X [No Home button iPhone]: Swipe finger down from the top right corner of the screen,

Use Control Center on iPhone X without Home Button

Method 2: Using 3D Touch Popup

  1. Find the Settings App on the iPhone home screen.
  2. Press and hold the Settings App icon until you show the 3D Touch popup.
  3. Tap on Cellular Data. You will jump on the screen directly where you tap on the toggle.

Turn on iPhone Cellular data shortcut

I think it will save lots more time with privacy.

Why does Apple not give in Control center?

  • Anyone can use it (Turn on Cellular data) without unlock and may you lost your precious cellular data very fast. Have you any suggestions? Why Apple is not giving mobile data shortcuts in the notification center or control center just like WiFi. Letā€™s discuss this with me in the comment box.
  • Still, are you looking shortcut for enabling cellular data shortcut on unlock screen?

Launcher notification center and widgets collection notification, two apps are easy to set up the widget (include mobile shortcut) on iPhone/ iPad.

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