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In your iPhone and iPad, Apple ID signing time giving error “Could not sign in, Check internet conn login apple ID”. There are many possibilities apart from wrong email ID or password entered in your iPhone and iPad. Let’s try to resolve by pointing all the possibilities throughout this tutorial on connected with the internet, although giving message check internet connect.

Could not sign in, Check internet connection on iPhone
Check internet Conn login apple ID – iPhone and iPad

Steps to fix or solve Could not sign in, and Check internet conn login apple ID

1st update with latest iOS

in first try you need to update your iOS with latest compatible version on iPhone or iPad iOS.

Step 1: First you need .ipsw firmware file for your iOS – for iOS 7 iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

For iOS 8 iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Before update, keep your data safe with back up your data on iTunes.

Then find latest backup, and restore that in your iPhone or iPad.


  1. Connect your iOS device with your Mac/PC through lighting cable.
  2. Open iTunes, then tap on summary tab > choose your iPhone or iPad > Restore

After update your iOS, Check internet Conn login apple ID should be resolved.

2nd Connect with Wi-Fi network properly

Check your network, Wi-Fi or Cellular data connection through open in browser safari. And login there with your same Apple ID.

If you are in doubt, on Wi-Fi connation or network, then please go to the Wi-Fi setup tutorial for iPhone and iPad.

3rd your registered ID is verified or not

At first, you can only login with registered and verified apple ID, are your missed verification step then verified it.

You can verify your email address by sending request through verification mail only.

4th Are you entering your iCloud ID

Apple’s security feature on iCloud and Apple ID can we set different. So at that time, first verify are you using correct user ID not using iCloud ID?

Make your iCloud secure: How to secure your iCloud account more protect.

5th You might be changed your Apple ID

Apple is giving option to change own apple ID (Email address) with unique user name in this way.

6th Set updated current time zone

At the login time your server request time and your geographic location time should not match. So Make sure your iPhone and iPad on current time zone.

Automatic update time zone disables and set manually that – Date, Month and time.

Go the Setting > General > Date time

7th Auto update Wi-Fi network when you move in another

When you are moving from one Wi-Fi network location to other, your iMessage or FaceTime should be update automatically.

So you can set it in FaceTime by Settings > FaceTime > See below screen,

For iMessage, Settings > Message > Send & Receive

Enable Wi-Fi update for iMessage and Facetime
Enable Wi-Fi update for iMessage and Facetime

iMessage error: Solved: iMessage error “waiting for activation” fixed on iPhone.

In this article you will find the possible solution on fix “Could not sign in, Check internet Conn login apple ID” or check you connection and try again[Solved]. When you are trying to login with correct Apple ID. Although you are getting another problem related to this then comment your question in below.

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