How to Find and Delete Old Activity Log from Facebook in 2023

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The Facebook Activity log is a very useful and security feature for all Facebook users. So any time the user can see past activities like comments, Liked photos/ Videos, posts by you, and more. And manage it from the Activity log setting. Facebook designed activity log on a moth or day basis, so the user can easily identify when you’re done this activity on which day by you or others (Your colleagues, Parents, or child).

You can delete an old activity log from FaceBook, in some cases if you like some unwanted photos/ Videos Accidentally, Send a friend request to an unknown person that you can find from the activity log easily and remove it from there as well. Now I explain to you how to find the Activity log on the FaceBook app and delete the old activity log from FaceBook iPhone, iPad.

How do I delete all Activity Log on Facebook App, PC Computer?

No, there isn’t a single button on the Facebook mobile app or even on the web Pc Computers also. You can clear facebook activity by giving the below steps. [scroll the screen and get complete information]. in more, you can delete your Facebook account if you don’t want to use it in the future.

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How do I clear my activity log on Facebook on the mobile app iPhone?

  • Step #1: Open the Facebook App on your iPhone or iPad. [sing-in by entering User ID and password, if signed-in go to the next step]
  • Step #2. Now Click on Three Horizontal Lines called More tab.Open latest Facebook app and tap on more option
  • Step #3. Click on Settings & Privacy
  • Step #4. Tap SettingsTap settings and privacy and tap on settings again on facebook app to delete account iOS
  • Step #5. Now scroll the phone screen and Tap Activity Log (View and manage your information and some settings.) appear under the Your FaceBook Information section.
  • Step #6. Now you can see Activity Log Page in Facebook App.
    As I have mentioned above the user cannot delete all Activity Log on Facebook at a time.


scroll the screen to tap on activity Log and get activity log page on iphone Facebook app
scroll the screen to tap on activity Log and get the activity log page on the iPhone Facebook app

As you can see Year and Category buttons are on the top of the page.

  • Year tab– if you click on the year tab- you can see Year by year List. Choose a year to get an activity log of the specific year and month wise.
  • Category tab; there is various type of sub-categories into the Category section such as:Activity log page year and category screen on Facebook app iphone to delete activity log on FB timeline
  1. Posts
  2. Posts You’re tagged in
  3. Photos and Videos
  4. Photos You’re Tagged In
  5. Other’s Posts To Your Timeline
  6. Hiden From Timeline
  7. Likes and Reactions
  8. Posts and Comments
  10. Profiles
  11. Added Friends
  12. Removed Freinds
  13. Send Freinds requests
  14. Received Friends Requests
  15. Life Events
  16. Archived Stories
  17. Your Stories
  18. interactive Videos
  19. Songs You’ve Listened To
  20. Articles You’ve Read
  21. movies and TV
  22. Games
  23. Books
  24. Products You Wanted
  25. Videos You’ve Watched
  26. Voice interactions
  27. Following
  29. Groups
  30. membership Activity
  31. posts and Comments
  32. Your Events
  33. Event Responses
  34. Polls
  35. Search History
  36. Videos You’ve Search For
  37. Groups you’ve Searched For
  38. Location History
  39. Saved
  40. your Places
  41. Active Sessions
  42. logins and Logouts
  43. Recognized Devices
  44. Apps
  45. Relationships
  46. Pokes
  47. Hobbies you’ve Added to your Profile
  48. Stories Activity
  49. Volunteering
  50. Challenges
  • Step #7. Now find the activity log that you want to delete on Facebook App.
  • Step #8. After getting activity just tap on the Three dots option next to the particular activity log.
  • You will get options such as
    Edit privacy, Hide From Timeline, Delete,tap delete to separate activity log clear on Facebook app on iOS

Step #9. So Tap on Delete to complete wipe from Facebook.

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[Note: this is the example of Post category Activity log,
if you will go with other categories apart from the Post activity log then maybe not get options as shows my given picture.]

  • Step #10. Now follow the same steps to another activity log on Facebook.

That’s it!

How to Delete old Activity log from the Facebook timeline on Pc Computer

Note: For the Desktop, You have to follow the same process within your Facebook setting option.

Really helpful Delete old activity log from FaceBook, want more tips and troubleshooting guide on facebook tips kindly share with us, we will be glad to assist you.

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