How to delete Photos permanently in iOS 9: iPhone 6S, 6S plus

You should know everything about iOS Photos app either have new iPhone 6S, 6S + models or have old iPhone models. Recently, the new edition iOS 9 has been released by the company for its iDevice. And surprisingly, there are some features included in Photos and Camera app likely pinch Video Zoom, Unhide hidden photos, As well now you’ll get your Selfie Photos in a separate folder and find name as ‘’Selfies Album’’.

In routine life, So many folks are shooting up some good photos and video recording. And within that sometimes they also shoot some nasty photos and Videos. These all photos and recording are stored in their Photos app and camera roll. After that they wants delete unlike Photos or Videos (Slow-motion, Time-Lapse) from Photos app. But some of them have didn’t know how to delete Photos permanently in iOS 9? And this a good thing to know this topic, because the Apple gives a feature, if you delete Photos or videos from Photos app. it’s done, but deleted items will place in Album as a Album name Recently Deleted. And it’ll show there up to 40 days. After that items will be permanently deleted automatically.

Even if you’re one of them and wish to delete Photos permanently in iOS 9, then we recommend a way to delete photos and videos permanently before 40-days from your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

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Nine steps to delete Photos permanently in iOS 9- iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, iPhone 6,6+,5,5S,5C

Step 1. Launch Photos app on your iPhone, iPad home Screen

Step 2. Tap on photo or video which you want to deletehow to recover deleted photo in iOS 9

Step 3. Tap on Trash icon (you can be appear right-lower side on screen)

Step 4. Now tap on Delete Photo (Show you This Photo will be deleted from iCloud Photo library on your devices.)how to delete Photos permanently in iOS 9: iPhone 6S, 6S plus.

Beware, this photo and videos anybody can be recover from recently deleted album of your iPhone, iPad. So if you don’t want to keep until 30 or 40 days, then follow below Steps. Get here secure best iPhone 6S Cases for drop protection: Bumper Case

Step 5. Tap on Albums

Step 6. Scroll down the Screen and tap on Recently Deleted AlbumHow to delete Photos and videos permanently in iOS 9

Step 7. Select your recently deleted photo or videos

Step 8. Tap on Trash icon (you can be appear left-lower side on screen)

Step 9. Now in last, Tap on Delete (Show you this photos will be deleted. This action cannot be undone.)easy steps to How to delete Photos permanently in iOS 9, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone 5S,iPhone 6S,6S Plus, 6, 6 Plus

That’s it.

Let now give us, your reply and tell how seems above workaround on to delete Photos permanently in iOS 9: iPhone 6S, 6S plus.



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