How to Turn On Hotspot on iPhone 14 Pro Max: iOS 17.1.1

🗓️ October 3, 2022 By ✍️ Jaysukh patelA personal hotspot is a quick solution for accessing the internet on another device via WiFi, USB, or Bluetooth connection. We can use our device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) as a WiFi router for personal use or between a group and public internet access. Some Personal hotspot settings are interesting and useful that save cellular data and help to make our internet secure with the password.

Rename Personal Hotspot: Conflicting with existing WiFi name on other devices. Want to change your Hotspot WiFi name? Let’s see how to do this. Rename your iPhone X name: Go to the Settings app > General > About > Name > Enter Unique Name. (On other devices, turn off WiFi and rescan your iPhone X personal WiFi name) > Tap on it > Enter the password, and it’s done.

No Personal Hotspot on iPhone, Get tricks and Fix the issue: Personal Hotspot Missing on iPhone

2 iPhone X Personal Hotspot settings

Steps for Activate Personal Hotspot on iPhone

Note: The Cellular Data plan should be turned on or activated to use or turn on Personal Hotspot on a device.

Go to the Settings app on iPhone X.

Next, Tap on Cellular Data or Mobile Data. And Enable it.

Once you enable it, Scroll down and Find Personal Hotspot > Enable Personal Hotspot.

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Set Password or Lock Personal Hotspot on iPhone X,

Wants to access iPhone X hotspot using WiFi, generate WiFi password using steps.

You can set Personal Hotspot Wi-Fi Password > Tap on Wi-Fi Password > Enter your Desired Personal Hotspot Wi-Fi password.

Otherwise, Bluetooth and USB personal hotspots we can use directly from the on-screen generated password.

2nd way: Otherwise, you also access personal hotspot settings under the iPhone X’s Settings app directly.

Disable Personal Hotspot on iPhone Quickly

Tap on the Blue Tag at top-notch on the iPhone screen.

And directly open Personal Hotspot settings > Turn off it. That’s it.

Personal Hotspot not showing or isn’t working: reset Network settings on iPhone

Go to the Settings app on the iPhone.

Next, Tap on General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

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