How to Enable/Set Up Personal Hotspot in iPhone? What to do when Personal Hotspot missing or greyed out?

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The person who carries the iPhone is itself a Wi-Fi source for other users. Only if the person has a data pack on iPhone, he/she can share with their friends and colleagues by just a single tap. But with one condition you can share Personal Hotspot with others is the device should be in range, and the correct password is required to get connected with personal hotspot, only if the person has set the password.

So today we will guide you on how to set up a personal hotspot on iPhone and share it with others within seconds.

Personal Hotspot will be disabled or Greyed out when WiFi is turned on or Cellular Data is off. You can find the solution if your PC running on Windows OS and iPhone Personal Hotspot Dropping & Blinking on Windows.

How to Set up Personal Hotspot in iPhone

  • Before starting the troubleshooting and setup guide, make sure about “Your Mobile Carrier company is not providing Personal Hotspot service in your active line or Connection.”. The setup guide is the same for all iPhone models iPhone 11 Series, iPhone XR Series, iPhone X, iPhone 8(Plus), iPhone 7(Plus).

Turn on Cellular Data on Device from settings app > Cellular Data or From the control center network card.

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  • Step #1: Launch “Settings”.
  • Step #2: Tap “Cellular”.
  • Step #3: Toggle on the switch next to “Personal Hotspot”.

Note: In case if you don’t found Personal Hotspot in iPhone the contact your carrier and ask them that you can use Personal Hotspot with your current plan or not.

Alternatively, you can connect to Personal Hotspot with Bluetooth, USB or Wi-Fi

1. Bluetooth

To use Personal Hotspot with Bluetooth, you have to set up your PC or Mac and make your iPhone XS Max discoverable to the PC or Mac.

Step #1: Go to “Settings” and tap “Bluetooth”.

Step #2: The screen should stay on.

Step #3: Next, set up the Bluetooth network connection by following the respective manufacturing direction.

Note that Personal Hotspot will only support Mac, PC, and some third-party devices.  If you want to connect the iOS device to Personal Hotspot, then use Wi-Fi.

2. Wi-Fi

  • Turn on the Personal Hotspot on the device from that you want to share cellular data,
  • Step #1: Go to “Settings”.
  • Step #2: Tap “Cellular” and select “Personal Hotspot”.
  • Step #3: Lastly verify the “Wi-Fi Password”.
  • Now the device which you want to connect to the Personal Hotspot follow the steps,
  • Step #1: Open “Settings” app and tap “Wi-Fi”.
  • Step #2: Now, scan the available Wi-Fi connections and if you found your tap on it and enter the password of Personal Hotspot.

3. USB

For USB you have to connect the iPhone to the PC or Mac. Then launch the iTunes with the latest version and if you find any prompt “Trust This Computer” tap “Trust”.

What should I do when my Personal Hotspot is missing on iPhone?

Hopefully, you understand how to set up a personal hotspot on iPhone. But after the set up if you find that personal hotspot is grayed out iPhone then what to do? Don’t worry, here we have prepared troubleshooting techniques for you to fix the personal hotspot missing in iPhone.

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Solution 1: Restart iPhone

Most of the minor problems get fixed with a simple restart. Let’s restart your iPhone XS Max.

  • Step #1: Press and release Volume Up button.
  • Step #2: Press and release Volume Down button.
  • Step #3: Press and hold the Power button until you see the startup Apple logo appears on screen.

Solution 2: Check the Personal Hotspot is On or Off

Sometimes due to a software error, you will see the symbol of Personal Hotspot on the screen even after the Personal Hotspot is disabled. So just toggle on the Personal Hotspot on iPhone. It is also found that the Personal Hotspot gets disappeared from the main screen of settings iPhone.

  • Step #1: Navigate to the “Settings” app.
  • Step #2: Tap “Cellular”.
  • Step #3: Select “Personal Hotspot” and toggle it on.

Now check if the Personal Hotspot comes back to the main screen or not. Moreover, if the problem persists then try to toggle on/off the Airplane mode from the Control Center to fix the Personal Hotspot missing/grayed out in iPhone XS Max.

Solution 3: Reset Network Settings

Due to some clashes between apps or software functions, it might be possible that the Personal Hotspot has gone hidden. It is also possible that Personal Hotspot missing after the software update iPhone XS Max.

  • Step #1: Go to “Settings” and tap “General”.
  • Step #2: Choose “Reset”.
  • Step #3: Tap “Reset Network Settings”.
  • Step #4: If asked, then enter the passcode.

Once your iPhone restarts open settings and check if the Personal Hotspot is on the main screen or not.

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Solution 4: Check iPhone’s Name

Believe it or not, but this thing can be a reason behind your Personal Hotspot missing in iPhone XS Max. It happens when you unlocked your phone, or someone has changed the name. Check it now and replace it with the old name.

  • Step #1: Open “Settings”.
  • Step #2: Tap “General”.
  • Step #3: Select “About”.
  • Step #4: Tap “Name” to edit the name of your iPhone. 

Solution 5: Update Carrier Settings

Personal Hotspot is internally connected with your carrier, so it might be possible that outdated carrier settings are causing issues on your iPhone.

  • Step #1: Go to “Settings”.
  • Step #2: Tap “General”.
  • Step #3: Tap “About”.
  • Step #4: Once you go to About, Tap on “Carrier” it will show you whether an update is needed or not.

Solution 6: Restore iPhone from Old Backup

Here we will restore the iPhone with an old backup which includes the old data and settings of the iPhone. So once you start doing this process, all the new settings and data will be replaced with the old data. For safety take backup of important current data stored on your iPhone. How to restore iPhone from old Backup.

Solution 7: Contact Apple Support and Carrier

After trying so much of troubleshoots still, Personal Hotspot is missing on the iPhone is a big disappointment. However, now your last option is contact experts of Apple and get the permanent solution to this problem.

Also contact your Carrier, if the data plan is overdue or not active, then you might face a personal hotspot slow internet speed or dropped out after sometimes.

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