How to Merge or Delete Duplicate Contacts on 14 Pro Max

Merge and eliminate duplicate Contacts on iPhone iOS 10

You have own iPhone, and so it is very easy to Contacts management organization using iCloud. But sometimes make wrong, and you may seem that there are many contacts are saved as the duplicate in your phone contacts list. Yeah, you guys, it is sluggish and takes much time to find it and delete one by one. Hence, there are many tricks to merge and Remove or Delete duplicate contacts on the iPhone get here one of them. I’m going to show you below. Please follow all the steps carefully. I hope, you will go with order wise and would be great to save your time.

For the Large contact list due to repeat the same contacts again and again [Different name but the same number, Merge contacts that have the Similar name with the Different phone number], not an easy task to find or short duplicate contacts on iPhone without any applications.

Also, Remove Contacts Without Phone number or Name or Email

Don’t worry about what iPhone model you have. You can apply this tip of running the latest iOS devices. Please keep backup contacts your iPhone, Once we delete duplicate phone number permanently after that is not recoverable.

How to Find and Remove duplicate Contacts on iPhone or iPad

Step 1. Download Cleaner App from the App Store – Download Now

Step 2. Launch Cleaner App and follow the Prompts in order to create the login (you can do that either creating new Sign up or by sync Facebook profile)

Step 3. The cleaner app should automatically start scanning your contacts once you’ve permitted contact access requests.

Step 4. Tap on Merge Tab and tap on Show possible Merges.

Step 5. Tap on Duplicates Contacts in the first section to expand them.

Step 6. Tap on the info button next to the contacts name.

Step 7. If you find a contact that you do not want to be merged or deleted as of a duplicate, swipe left the side that contact to don’t merge it.

Step 8. Once all the contacts that are duplicates or need to be merged are selected, tap on Merge at the bottom.

Alternate App for Remove all Duplicate contact carefully using Smart Merge app [Also Useful]

You’re done.

Also Useful: Delete Multiple Contacts on iPhone.

Extra Features are Filter with Company name, Birthdate, Creation Date, Job Title.

Please, I highly suggest reviewing all possible duplicates before merging since sometimes you may have contact with the same name that isn’t a duplicate.

In the Cleaner pro app version, you can get auto Backup so never lose your contacts again.

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