5 Fixes Apple Music Not Playing on Cellular Data in iOS 17.1.2

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Why is Apple Music not Playing Songs on iPhone Cellular data? Apple’s newly launched Music services are an online streaming player. Whether you download Apple Music songs on your iPhone Music app, even though, if you want to play new music shot of Apple Music then must require internet either Wi-Fi or Cellular data (3G/ LTE Speed), doesn’t matter. To getting continue sound of Online Songs though required good speed internet. Since you can play Apple Music Online doesn’t matter, you’re a trial member or have Apple Music Subscription. But, the meaning is that Apple Music can’t play offline.

While there’s no Wi-Fi connectivity on iPhone and you are trying to play Apple music by Cellular data but you might have an issue that the Apple Music not working with Cellular data on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. We offered fixes points about the Apple Music not playing on an iOS device, please refer ways. I hope, these would be cleared your problem.

Ways to Clear Apple Music not playing Songs on iPhone Cellular data: iPad, iPod

Verify Cellular data enabled for Music App

To check out,

  1. Open the Settings app from your iPhone Home screen.
  2. Tap on Cellular.Troubleshooting to Fix Apple Music Not Playing Songs on iPhone
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turn Cellular data ON for Music app on iPhone

Step 3. Now turn Cellular data ON. now scroll down the screen and Turn Cellular data for Music ON.

That’s it.

Still, Apple Music Songs won’t play, please go with the below-listed steps.

Check out Music Streaming and Downloads is Turned ON

Just keep continuous to clear your issue Apple Music Not playing songs on Cellular data on iPhone.

  • 1. Open the Settings App.
  • 2. Scroll the screen to Navigate Music.
  • 3. Under the Streaming & Downloads, turn Use Cellular Data ON/Green.Music Streaming and Downloads for Music is enabled

You’re done.

Now launch the music app again and try to play the song from the Apple Music tab. We ardor, that would be played without any issue. However, if that not start gently then restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

You can also see an option High quality on Cellular data to avoid buffering issues. If you want good quality streaming then make enable that.

How to Turn On Cellular Data for Apple Music?

On iPhone and iPad, you can individually allow the apps to use the Cellular/Mobile Data, likewise, Apple Music can use the Cellular Data to stream the music. And if Cellular Data for Apple Music is disabled then you cannot play or download music over Cellular Data on Apple Music. Here’s how to turn on cellular data for Apple Music.

  1. Open the Settings app on the iPhone.
  2. Tap on Cellular.
  3. Scroll down the list until Apple Music shows up, and turn on Apple Music.
  4. Now you can use Cellular Data for Apple Music on iPhone.

Why does Apple Music not work with data?

Is your Apple Music not working on cellular data? Mostly, there won’t be any fault from Apple’s side, therefore you should determine and try to find the cause on your own. Here’s the breakthrough.

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Solution 1: Check Cellular Data Plan

If you’ve exhausted the cellular data, Apple Music won’t work at all. However, to make sure it’s a only problem, then try using the Apple Music on Wi-Fi.

Solution 2: Make Sure Cellular Data is Enabled for Apple Music

There’s a specific setting provided in iPhone that lets us manage the Cellular Data for individual apps. If the Cellular App for Apple Music is turned off, then Apple Music won’t work on cellular data.

  1. Navigate to the Settings
  2. Tap on Cellular.
  3. Find Apple Music and make sure it is enabled.

Not Working Apple Music with 4G Connection

It sounds weird, but I’ve seen a few users who reported that Apple Music not working on a 5G or 4G connection. Have you enabled the Cellular Data for Apple Music? Did you check the Cellular Data plan? These are the most common reasons why your Apple Music not working on the 4G connection.

Prefer the above steps to enable the Cellular Data for Apple Music, and for the Cellular Data plan, you can contact Carrier Support or check the plan by signing in to the carrier’s website.

Cellular Data Won’t Stay On for Apple Music

Despite turning on Cellular Data for Apple Music, if it automatically turns off, that’s an iPhone glitch. We can suggest a few basic workarounds to fix this, here are they.

Solution 1: Force Restart iPhone

For iPhone 8 or Later,

  • Press and quickly release the Volume Up button.
  • Press and quickly release the Volume Down button.
  • Press and hold the Power button until the Apple logo shows up.
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For iPhone 7, 7 Plus,

  • Press and hold the Volume Down button and Side button until the Apple logo appears.

For iPhone 6S, 6SPlus, or earlier,

  • Press and hold the Home button and Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Solution 2: Update Apple Music and iPhone

Using outdated Apple Music App and iOS version could bring much more issues than this. If you haven’t updated both of them, then update as early as possible,

Connect iPhone to Wi-Fi before proceeding.

To update Apple Music, open the App Store > Tap on your Profile icon on the upper-right corner, and scroll down to Apple Music. Tap the Update button, if it is available.

To update your iPhone, go to the Settings app > General > Software Update. Download and Install, if there is any update available.

Apple Music Lyrics Not Showing

Well, there is no dedicated workaround available for this issue, on some iPhones, Apple Music is working perfectly, while few are complaining about such issues. In that case, keeping the Apple Music App and iPhone up to date is a wise solution. Meanwhile, if report the same to Apple, it’s good if they acknowledge and try to fix the bug.

Please Note:  if you enable High quality on Cellular data, it always stream music at the highest quality. This will use more cellular data and songs may take longer to start playing.

Though now showing Connect to Wi-Fi to Play Music or any doubt to clear Apple Music Not Playing Songs on iPhone Cellular data. Share posts on Facebook, Twitter.

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