Fix low speaker volume on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, 5S/5/4S/4

Due to accessories, internal Software problem, installed app on iPhone crash problem giving result like low speaker volume on iPhone 6 or 6 Plus and Other old iPhone, iPad and iPod touch model or totally not working. that time you have follow the some apple guide working very well for this situation covered in this tutorial. Some time user worry about sound distorted, intermittent and muffled. Below solution working for any iOS devices.

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Steps for Fix low speaker volume on iPhone 6, 6 plus, iPhone 4S/4/5S/5

[ New in iOS ]

Enable Phone noise cancellation , Updated iOS Device will get this option under Accessibility Settings. Settings App > General > Accessibility > Enable Phone noise Cancellation.

Low Speaker volume Phone noise Cancellation

Not only iPhone, But also working on iPad, iPod touch any generation. Apply the below steps and check might be one of them will be work from your case.

Get Rid by follow other 10+ Solutions.

  1. Go to the Setting app > Sound, Enable and increase volume slider up. Now check again.
  2. Turn off silent/ mute Switch from the side edge, see the below image, Disable from Orange colour showing on switch.low speaker volume on iPhone 6 and 6 plus steps
  3. Restart your Device, and Verify speaker is working.
  4. From the music app increase sound effect setting. or Adjust volume from the common volume control in control centre.
  5. Turn off Bluetooth, Settings > Bluetooth.
  6. Verify your Case doesn’t cover on Speaker.
  7. Check headset and clean audio jack.
  8. Clean speaker hole using brush and 30 pin dock connector.
  9. Verify your Device updates with latest update.

Still, you didn’t solve contact Apple support centre as soon as possible, Might be your device cover Apple Care for this time. get more info about iPhone Warranty guide.

Alternate solution, iExplorer software easy to resolve.

Just install iExplorer on Your Mac/ PC, Move the root folder and System > Library > LaunchDaemons. Then delete fine named with:

Or have you another solution about low speaker volume on iPhone 6, 6 Plus or Other iPhone model, iPad and iPod touch keep sharing with us on comment box.