Fix Mac Calendar Search Not Working macOS Monterey in 2022

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Some users reported that the Apple mac calendar search is not working Day, Month, or even year tab. Users are trying to find an event or an appointment, but iCal searching of events is not working properly. The same things also happened to my roommate; he was faced with Apple’s mac calendar search no results – it’s simply blank. He tried different solutions to fix the mac calendar search function not working that I’m going to put in this article.

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Mac Calendar Search Issue cause of Calendar account not syncing the correct way or due to migrating data from old computer to new computer or bug of Apple macOS Monterey or earlier software version. Maybe in your case, other odd things are present but don’t worry, try following the steps to resolve Mac calendar search results that don’t appear as expected.

Before attempting a solution for the Mac calendar search problem, let’s see how I search Calendar on Mac? Or How do I search for events on my Mac Calendar?

The Apple Mac calendar app has a search field that works similarly to the spotlight search does. Users can use it to find past and future coming events; For example, if you want to find an event, enter the matching title of an event using a Mac keyboard. So you can see a result listed in chronological order. In addition, instead of matching title, you can find an appointment, event, etc., using location, attendee, or note.

A chronological order list means you can view the Soonest event listed first. 

Suppose you have more than one events are listed; in this case, the first position event listed is the event that comes up early.

To see previous events – you will have to scroll up, and for future events – use scroll down using an External mouse or trackpad on your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air.

Steps to Use Mac Calnder Search Field

Step #1. Open Calendar App on Mac computer

Step #2. Now, Enter a phrase in the search box that appears on the top right of the Calendar app window.

Step #3. Type word, A search suggestion list will appear below the search field. 

Next, You can Search using a suggestion list for that Just click with a mouse on that event that you are looking for. 

The second thing is to search for events containing exactly what you entered; press the Return Key at the end.

That’s it.

For those folks who go with the same steps as per mentioned above, however, are you unable to search for past events in Calendar on your MacBook Pro Or facing mac calendar only searching today? So please follow my suggestions to fix the issue soon.

Keep in mind, read all steps carefully before performing on your Mac Machine [It doesn’t matter if you have Intel Mac Or Apple M1 Silicon or the latest M1 Max MBP]. All the best to resolve Mac iCal search problems.

  1. Force Quite Calendar App
  2. Check for Software Update on Mac
  3. Safe Mode
  4. Refreshing calendars
  5. Ticking on and off the calendars on the left-hand side of the Calendar app
  6. Removing/re-adding the calendar permissions under Accounts.

Restart Mac Computer

Inability to search in Calendar on your Mac computer, I suggest you should restart your mac laptop or desktop and try to search in the calendar app. restart won’t work to fix an issue; I request you go with the second clue.

Use Spotlight Search

if your Outlook or iCloud Calendar search does not work On Mac? Use Spotlight Search on your Mac.

Spotlight Search gives results of the entire mac operating system, For example, Siri Suggestions, Contacts, Safari bookmark, images, Applications, System preferences, etc.; to open the Spotlight on your Mac. Just press the F4 key, Or press the Command + Space bar keys simultaneously. If an event or Appointment is not found in spotlight search, then at least check that the Events & Reminders tick mark is selected under calendar system preferences.

Go to Apple menu > choose System Preferences, click Spotlight, click Search Results, then deselect the Events & Reminders tickbox in the list of categories.

If it is already check-marked, you will have to reindex spotlight search or need to be reindexed Maybe force Spotlight reindexing. Get more here about reindex Spotlight search.

Check for Software Update on Mac

If your Macbook shows a “No Results” message when you want to search your Calendar to find past and future events, Is your Calendar no longer showing past events in search? Please follow this solution without exploring another trick.

Your Mac must be running with the latest macOS, to check new Update go with the bottom steps;

Update macOS on your Mac

Step #1. From the Apple menu  in the corner of your Mac screen,

Step #2. go with System Preferences.

Step #3. In the System Preferences window, click Software Update. …

Step #4. Click Update Now or Upgrade Now to start downloading & install the latest firmware.

If your Mac is up to date, even your apple calendar search not working on Mac. No luck, but it was worth a try. Let’s we give some tricks that may be workable for you.

Can I Update the Calendar App on Mac?

No, you cannot update the Calendar app separately. Still, whenever you update your Mac, it updates the calendar app on your Mac. in Major Update, Apple also adds some cool features into Apple’s system in-built apps. For example, in macOS Monterey Apple brought Widget for some unique apps.

Refresh Mac calendars

Let’s know here how to refresh mac calendars.

Perform Safe Mode

This one is an ideal solution, Mac calendar search returns a blank field, the mac calendar not showing all events, Apple calendar past events disappear? Let’s go with the steps to attempt Safe mode on your Mac.

Here’s a complete guide on safe mode on Mac – How to Safe mode on M1 Mac.

Contact Apple Support

You should consult with an Apple specialist. Don’t know about the process to get in contact with Apple customer care? here’s a guide to contact Apple support.

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