Fix Mac Starts Up to a Flashing Folder Question Mark on Monterey

Last Updated on Jan 17, 2022

Till today, the Apple mac computer is powerful in all ways, but it’s a machine, so definitely sometimes it’s acting up, and mac slows down due to particular reasons that we don’t know. As an immediate solution, what do we do? Restart is correct. But after restarting, mac won’t start up successfully. Hence, A Grey folder with a question mark on startup appears on the Mac screen.

Reason for Flashing Folder with Question Mark

  • After Restarting Apple Laptop
  • Replacing HDD with SSD (flashing folder after installing SSD)
  • After Changing display parts
  • Problem with the cable

What does it mean when my mac has a folder with a question mark? 

This folder on your mac with a black screen denotes that your mac’s startup disk is no longer available or the disk (HDD/SSD) doesn’t contain a working MacOS (operating system).

So in this article, I’ve tried to put maximum solutions to help you get rid of the question mark on your mac?

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Note: There isn’t a specification to attempt these solutions. All users can follow, for instance, mac flashing folder Mac Monterey, Big Sur, mac flashing folder Mojave, mac flashing folder high sierra, and Earlier macOS.

MacBook pro flashing folder question mark startup is a common issue for old mac users. Let’s follow my steps;

Method 1: Boot MacBook with Start-Up Manager

For the users who are using the internal drive boot the macOS, then troubleshoot the Startup Manager to prevent the question mark folder on Mac.

  1. Power off the MacBook like you always do.
  2. Now hold down the Alt or Option key and wait for the Apple logo to appear.
  3. The MacBook Startup Manager should prompt up, from there, choose the Start Disk. Use the Left/Right arrow to navigate and hit Return to select.
  4. This would restart the Mac without question mark Folder, and by this, the problem is resolved.

Suppose this way cant work for your mac, don’t worry, try below give more solutions to start your mac like before.

Method 2: Repair Startup Disk with Disk Utility

Your MacBook has an inbuilt Repairing set up to find and automatically fix the issues themselves. If you can’t manage to fix the problem, then use the Repair Startup Disk.

  1. Please turn off the Mac, press the Power button to power it off.
  2. Press the Power button to turn on the Mac, and then immediately hold the Command+R keys.
  3. Within few seconds, you’ll see the Apple logo or a spinning wheel. If asked to enter the administrator, follow the on-screen procedure until you see the Utilities window.
  4. Select the Disk Utility option when the Utilities window appears.
  5. Choose Macintosh HD, which is the startup disk of Mac.
  6. Click on First Aid and then Repair to start repairing the disk.
  7. It’ll take some time to complete the process. Click on the Apple logo and select Startup Disk, and then reboot the Mac.

Solution #1. Attempt Reset NVRAM

Solution #2. Ensure that the preferred startup disk is selected on the system to check in Startup Disk preferences.

If above, both suggestions are ok for you. However, your mac question mark folder of death persists. Please attempt some hard troubleshoot:

Let’s Pressing and holding the power button on your Mac (Macbook, MBP, MBA, iMac, Mac Mini) for up to 10 seconds until your Macintosh computer turns off.

Switch on your Apple Mac and immediately pressing and holding on Command (⌘) and R switch to start up from macOS Recovery.

While in macOS Recovery, use Disk Utility to repair your startup disk.

If Disk Utility found no errors or repaired all errors, You should reinstall macOS on your Apple machine.

Note: After pressing the alt key, your computer opened up internet recovery instead of the partition on Mac. it means Your Apple computer startup volume and recovery partition have become corrupted or physically damaged, that’s why the Apple computer will automatically enter Internet Recovery Mode. Or (flashing folder with question mark command r not working).

Mac starts up to error -1008F
Mac starts up to error -1008F

You can get here the solution for Error -2100 F end of the recovery.

If you still need help fix the folder with question mark MacBook startup, I suggest you take a trip to Apple Support.

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