iPhone Calendar Not Syncing With Outlook (2024): 13 Fixes

Syncing Outlook with an iPhone lets you instantly view and respond to scheduled tasks. However, if the iPhone calendar is not syncing with Outlook, it results in missing important meetings as professionals. In the end, it can cost a significant loss. 

Well, as of now and forever, you came to the right spot! There are many possible reasons and troubleshooting steps mentioned in this article to get rid of the outlook calendar not syncing.

Why Is Outlook Cal Not Syncing With iPhone Calendar App?

Where the users usually get stuck is why Outlook calendar is not working on iPhone. Well, certain possibilities vary from device to device.

Most Common Symptoms:

  1. Outdated Outlook.
  2. Outlook is not properly connected with the iPhone.
  3. The default calendar in iOS is not configured accurately.
  4. Unstable internet.

Fix iPhone Calendar Not Syncing With Outlook

Here are some steps to fix Outlook calendar not syncing with iPhone; We suggest performing it step-by-step without missing any of them to let out the leading cause, at the same point, to get rid of it effectively and efficiently. 

#1. Check Internet

There should always be an active and stable internet connection to sync any task between an application or device. Outlook calendar not syncing with iPhone can be due to two cases; Internet Not Working On iPhone or Wi-Fi Not Working on iPhone. 

Note: Try resetting the network setting on iPhone, as there might be sudden tweak in the network settings causing the issue. 

However, in the first case check the cellular setting for the calendar (Settings > Cellular > Enable the toggle of present next to the Calendar App) and in the second case, connect to the alternate Wi-Fi, if available, or else troubleshoot Wi-Fi on iPhone.


#2. Check iCloud Server Status

Low Server Status! Yes, you heard right; their chances were the iCloud Calendar is low right now due to which outlook calendar not syncing with iPhone keeps continuously popping up.

#3. Disable Airplane Mode

Accidental touch to Airplane Mode feature can completely neglect the data sync feature because your device cannot connect with the server. So verify if the Airplane Mode is disabled on your iPhone.


#4. Close Background Running App

There are chances where the application in your device catches the bug and the most sturdy way to fix it is to force stop the application. To do so, simply swipe from the bottom of the Home screen to open all applications, then swipe up every application to force close. 

#5. Background App Refresh

To auto-sync any app in the background on your iPhone, From Settings, you must enable Background app refresh for the Outlook app or For all apps installed on your iPhone.

  1. Open the Settings app on iPhone
  2. Tap General.
  3. Scroll to Background App Refresh Option
  4. Make sure Background app refresh is on for WiFi or Wi-Fi & Cellular Data.
  5. Please double-check the data toggle turn it on next to the Outlook setting. For a better understand, check the below figure.

Now, Your Outlook Calendar auto-sync in the background and Always sync with the Ready to see update.

Note: Background app refresh consumes more battery, so Use custom settings and Disable the other apps.

Helpful: How to Fix iPhone’s Battery Drain issues

#6. Reset account for Account in Outlook App

Are you facing a Sync issue? On Outlook iOS app or macOS App. Try Resetting your account within the app will help you to fix the problem. Follow the below steps on your Outlook app.

Note: This resetting account process doesn’t affect your outlook account’s data. That’s clear the old app cache and bug. But it will re-sync the data after rebooting the app.

Step 1→ Open the outlook app > Click on Home icon at top right corner.


Step 2→ See the Settings option > Select the Mail account with the issue.


Again Scroll to the screen, and Tap on Reset Account Option. Now, App Restart Required. Becuase An app restart is required to reset this account. Would you like to continue?


Click on Ok to Restart the app and Get a fix for the iPhone calendar is not syncing with Outlook. The same settings are also available on the Android Outlook app.

#7. Restart Your iPhone

Unlike the applications, there are chances where bugs and glitch have made their way to the device. Ultimately, those bugs can be the reason for the iPhone outlook calendar not syncing; however, to get rid of it, restarting the iPhone works wonderfully.

Note: Steps of restarting an iPhone vary from the model, so just go through restart steps accordingly. 

Restart iPhone X, 11, 12, Or 13

Step 1 → Press any of the Volume Button and Side Button until the Power-Off Slider highlights on the screen.

Step 2 → Drag the slider to the right, then hold for 30 Seconds until the procedure finishes off.

Step 3 → If your device screen turns black, then turn it back ON by pressing the Right Side Button of the iPhone until the Apple Logo appears.

Restart iPhone SE (2nd Third & 3rd Generation)

Step 1 → Press the Power Button until the Power-Off Window Appear on the screen.

Step 2 → Drag the slider, and then wait for a while(20-30 Seconds). Turn it back on, by pressing the Side Key.

#8. Update iOS 

As we all know, outdated version of iOS doesn’t work well at all, and those are most probably launched to fix various issues like iPhone Keeps Misbehaving; Well, considering the same reason for the iPhone calendar not synching with office 365, check if your device consumes the latest version of iOS.

#9. Verify If You Have Logged-In Into Correct Outlook Account

Do you have multiple accounts? If yes, there are chances where you might have logged in to the wrong accounts. Considering it, we suggest you verify if this is not the reason for iPhone Calendar Does Not Sync All Entries in Outlook. Here are the steps to do so. 

Step 1 → Go to Settings > scroll to Calendar > choose Accounts

Step 2 → Now in the list, check if there is a correct Outlook account. If not, select Add Account.

If this is not a cause of an issue, simply move to the following troubleshooting steps.

#10. Re-sync Outlook With iPhone

Resync refreshes the connection between Outlook and iPhone. So let’s try out this workaround.

  1. Go to Settings > Calendars > Accounts.
  2. Select Outlook > Delete Account > Delete My Account From iPhone.
  3. Hit on Account present at the right top.

After completion of the procedure, try reestablishing the connection to begin the syncing process.

#11. Verify Outlook Permission

The permission is the most necessary feature that needs to be configured correctly, and if this is not so, it can limit the features of the iPhone to perform enhancely. However, even after logging in with an accurate outlook account, if the directive permission is not given, it can cause iCloud calendar not syncing with outlook. Here are the steps to provide permission.

  1. Go to Settings > Calendar > Accounts.
  2. Choose Outlook > enable the toggle present to the Calendar.

After verifying if the iPhone still doesn’t sync with outlook, try turning it off and on. Doing so will feature the pop-up saying Are You Sure You Want To Continue? All Exchange Calendars Will Be Removed From iPhone, tap Delete My Account from iPhone. And then re-enable it,to refresh the feature.

#12. Disable Low Power Mode

The low power mode is a valuable feature to prevent Battery Draining Issue On iPhone, but it can stop pushing the frequent updates in this case. So to experience instant data syncing between outlook and iPhone, the low power mode should be disabled.

  1. Head to the Settings
  2. Tap Battery 
  3. Turn toggle off Low Power Mode

Here we end up with a simple step to disable Lower Power Mode On iPhone.

#13. Disable Low Data Mode

Unlike the low power mode, the low data mode is helpful in some cases. As of now, if your device reaches the maximum limit can pause the syncing between Outlook and iPhone, and as I mentioned earlier, for instant syncing, your device should have unrestricted or stable internet. You must disable the Low Data Mode (Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Option > Disable Low Data Mode)  on the iPhone, if it’s enabled.

There might be chances where you are using the dual SIM on the phone, as of now every device after iPhone 11 comes with a dual SIM feature. To turn off Do Not Disturb mode for any of the SIM, follow the given below steps.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Choose Cellular Data or Mobile Data 
  3. Select your numbers and disable Low Data Mode.

#14. Check iPhone’s Default Calendar

There will be multiple Outlook calendars listed in the array with various categories. And the calendar having the tick next to it will be featured on the iPhone. Ensure that the desired calendar (Settings > Calendar Default Calendar) is present under such settings.

#15. Manual Sync It Using iTunes

Why is my outlook calendar not syncing with my iPhone calendar> is still the most significant issue because even after trying the possible workaround, the problem doesn’t go off. Well, let’s cut the cake by manually syncing it using iTunes.

Firstly, connect the iPhone to the PC using the cable, now after navigating to iTunes on your PC.

  1. Choose Devices > iPhone.
  2. Select Info > Calendars > Sync Calendars From.
  3. Tap Outlook > All Calendars > Apply.  


In the end, there will be no such issue with Outlook not syncing only if you have gone through a complete guide. However, if it doesn’t go off, try contacting the Outlook Support Team.


Q1. How do I get my iPhone to sync with my Outlook calendar?

To get Outlook sync with an iPhone, you manually use iTunes, as mentioned above in this article.

Q2. Why is my calendar on iPhone not syncing?

Ensure you have signed in to iCloud with the same Apple ID on your devices. At the same time, verify that you have enabled Calendars, Contacts, and Reminders in the iCloud settings. For more convenience, confirm the date and time settings are perfectly configured.

Q3. How do I fix Outlook calendar sync issues?

First, try to check the internet connection, then restart the phone. If, in both cases, the issue doesn’t go off, go through the above-mentioned complete guide to fix the Outlook not syncing with iPhone.

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