how to fix iPhone battery drain fast overnight, gets hot

Are you worried about your iPhone battery drain fast in few hours or overnight? Many folks have reported on iPhone gets hot when in use or during charging time. So for apple users mainly, always keep in mind all below points. With all alternatives ways and prevention actions before you lost all power from the battery, promptly or on standby.

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Prevention steps for iPhone battery drain fast in short time – after iOS 11 update

Means there should be many cases like Mostly drain overnight (Not in use), After new software update battery lost fast and gets hot during charge time, On show video or capture camera.

But Apple already thinks out for handle problems such like on battery savings and improvement. New features in iOS as a Battery management.

In a single tap, you can stop all background process, Auto downloads, Visual effects, Mail fetch. Means at the last moment you can activate by going to the Settings > Battery > Enable Low Power Mode toggleEnable low power mode to increase battery life when iPhone battery drain fast

The real reasons when iOS device kill your battery, Especially iPhone battery drain fast

By apple Device improvements in the chain, Battery storage capacity has increased. So I am satisfied, But some internal software problem and rough use effect on battery drain problems.

Without enabling low power mode to stop auto battery drain/ lost with below steps,

Set Brightness on Auto mode, Settings > Display & Brightness > Enable Auto – Brightness.

Lock screen time interval set lowest duration, Settings > General > Auto-Lock (Recommend 1 minute or 30 sec).

Manage or Disable not in use background apps, Settings > General > Background App refreshDisable App refresh on iPhone

Stop unwanted location service, Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

[Note important, sometimes useful] Stop sending Diagnostic data and information to apple.  Stop auto sent details to Apple

Refuse all active apps from multitasking screen. You must use multitasking in iOS 11 for kill all running apps.

Don’t use any other third party or charging cable converter. Overpower load decrease your iPhone battery storage capacity.

Keep away your iPhone, iPad from the heat wave.

If possible avoid continuously watch media on iOS device,

Share with me for needs more help and explanation on above steps in an individual case. As like different iOS version (iOS 11, iOS 10, iOS 9) on models including iPhone 8/ 8 Plus, iPhone 7/ 7 Plus, iPhone 6S/6S Plus, iPhone 5S/SE and iPads (iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad mini).

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Still, Not success in iPhone battery drains fast. Visit apple store might be hardware might be damaged.