Google drive doesn’t not working on iPhone, iPad [How to Fix]

Wheatear, your Google drive doesn’t not working on iPhone, iPad. Then I tried by publishing here better troubleshooting way. But before that let we deliberate on why iOS users are going with Google Drive? Even the tech innovator Apple is providing online cloud storage called iCloud drive. But in them users can be store data free up to 5GB only. Then user paid to get more Space on Apple iCloud storage. And Upgrade their Cloud Storage plan.

Other Side, Search engine master is gives 15GB Storage Space in free of Charge. Therefore, perhaps through this benefit iOS users decided to go on Google drive. So far so many iOS users have been use Google drive on their iPhone or iPad. Because they can be access their data likely Google docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Photos, folders and much more  on the go and on all devices just entering correct Google ID and password.

But while some of users reporting their problem as Google drive doesn’t not working on iPhone, iPad. And you’re one of them then, don’t worry. I tried here to give you a best solution because there are many factors behind the Google drive not working on iPhone, iPad.

Alternate Ways to fix Google drive doesn’t not working on iPhone, iPadGoogle drive not responding on iPhone or iPad

1st Way- update latest Google drive app on your iPhone or iPad

Make confirm that the Google drive on your iPhone and iPad is up to date. At going App Store app > Updates

2nd Way- Restart your iPhone or iPad

To Restart, Press power button few seconds, and then Swipe right to slide to power off mode.

And get your iPhone or iPad restarting mode. And then try to access your Google drive app. if you see same problem then go to next step.

3rd Way- Uninstall Google drive app from iPhone/ iPad and then install again

In this way, you’ve to need delete your Google Drive app from your iPhone or iPad. You can delete apps by two ways:

1st way: just tap and press on Google drive app icon then tap on X sign and then tap on Delete. That’s it.

2nd Way:  Settings> General > Usage> Tap on Manage Storage (under Storage Section)> find Drive app and tap on it > now tap on Delete App> tap on Delete App again.solution of Google drive doesn’t not working on iPhone, iPad

You’re done.

Now install Google Drive on your iPhone or iPad back from at going

App Store> Updates > Purchased> tap on My Purchases > Tap on Not on this iPhone> and tap on right side icon in row of Google Drive. Wait until Googol drive installed. Then try to access Google drive on iPhone on iPad.

Hope, you would like this way on Google drive doesn’t not working on iPhone, iPad. Notwithstanding, have you any query then feel free and ask us. Get daily new tips on iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.