How to Block/Unblock Phone Calls, Messages, FaceTime on iPhone 12/11 Pro Max, XR, XS Max, X,8,7,6S

🗓️ November 10, 2020 By ✍️ Jaysukh patelEnable blocking rules on your iPhone, iPad for incoming calls, Messages, and FaceTime. If you are busy with some work and some person is annoying you then the best way to answer is to block that contact to get rid of unwanted phone calls, messages or FaceTime. There are few third-party applications also available in App Store which prevents you from unwanted calls or messages, but in iOS 13 you will get a default function to block contacts, and you can add many touches in that block list without worrying, and Extra space gives to apps.

To block instantly a contact on services like FaceTime, phone calls and messages you must prefer these steps for exact that we want.

Here I give common Practice to manage blocking contacts from a single setting or Different way quickly from the app like:

Let’s see alternate methods of the block and unblock phone calls, Messages and FaceTime in iOS 13

For Block and Unblock Contact Using one Setting: Manage Call, Message, and FaceTime

There are a few steps given below which is helpful in blocking contacts.

  • 1: Go to the Settings.
  • 2: find “phone” and tap on it
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2 Phone app settings on iPhone

  • 3: click on Call Blocking and Identification > Block Contact. And there you can add contacts which you want to block.

3 Call Blocking and Identification on iPhone for Phone app settings in iOS 11

That’s now this phone number blocked for all the services (Calls, Messages, and FaceTime) at once.

4 Add Contacts in Block list

To Unblock Contacts, Tap on Edit and Tap on Red delete mark or Slide left on the contact name.

If you want to block the contact for particular services like phone calls, messages or FaceTime, then you must look at these steps.

To block a contact on Phone call service from the Phone app

Method 1

  • 1: Open Phone app tap on the phone icon on the home screen

5 Block Caller from Phone app contacts

Search Contact with name, Tap on the contact name and Scroll down and Find “Block this caller” For Recent and Unknown caller follow next point.

  • 2: select contact and tap on (i) the particular name and swipe up and click on “block this caller.”

8 Block Favorites contact on iPhone

Method 2: Add blocklist from recently calling or Missed call or Unknown not saved contact

And for blocking the contact which is unsaved in your device then you need to follow the steps

  • 1: click on the “Phone” icon on the home screen
  • 2: select “Recent” and tap on the phone number and click on “Block this Caller.”

6 Block recent contect on iPhone in iOS

For Blocking Messages On iPhone

Also Useful: Hide alerts for Message on Your Apple iPhone, iPad.

Method 1: Block contacts from Messages app in iOS

  • 1: Launch the default “Messages” app on an iOS device
  • 2: Choose the Message Conversation and open it.
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10 Block Contact from Message conversation on iPhone

  • 3: Next click on (i) top-right icon on the screen

11 Block contact on iPhone message Profile details

  • 4: Then click on the small arrow (>) on the top-right of the screen and there tap on the block this caller.

12 Block Message Contact in iPhone

Method 2: Manage Block Message Contacts from the Settings app

The alternate way to add numbers to block list of messages is as given below:

  • 1: Launch Settings app on iPhone, iPad.
  • 2: search for Messages and open it.

13 Blocked Contacts in Messages app on iPhone

  • 3: Tap on Blocked, and there you can add numbers “Add New..” from which you don’t want to receive messages.

For block FaceTime Video or Audio call

Method 1

  • 1: Launch FaceTime App on iPhone, iPad.
  • 2: open a contacts list under Video or Audio.

14 Block FaceTime contacts on iPhone

  • 3: Click on the right (i) small symbol of contact
  • 4: Swipe up and tap on Block this caller.

Method 2: Manage FaceTime contacts block or Unblock

Similarly, there is another way to add contacts on the block list

  • 1: Open Settings app on iPhone, iPad.
  • 2: Find FaceTime Swipe down on the screen,

16 FaceTime Message settings on iPhone

  • 3: Tap on “Blocked” to add contacts to the block list of FaceTime.

17 FaceTime Block list in iPhone settings

Above all is the alternate techniques for block Call, Message and FaceTime Contacts on iPhone, iPad. For quickly block or unblock.

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