Fix iPhone Quick Reply Not Working Problems after iOS 17.1.2 Update

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After the latest iOS update, Apple Added a new lock-screen notification center cover style entirely in its eleventh iteration operating system of iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Even there aren’t any changes found to reply and dismiss notifications. However, many consumers report on Apple support as unable to answer the lock screen messages (Quick Reply not working). Therefore, its device forces you to unlock the screen first and respond to the opponent’s friend, mate, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc.

You also come across a similar issue that cannot quickly reply on iOS, which is a strange glitch. Don’t worry. Here I will share potential troubleshooting with you that helps you get rid of iOS reply from the lock screen not working.

You guy scroll down your device screen and get the complete guide to fix iPhone quick reply not working on iPhone 7/ 7 Plus, iPhone 6S/6S Plus, or quick reply without 3D touch device running on latest iOS. Let’s get started carefully and fight over your iPhone operating system issues.

How troubleshoot Quick Reply not working on iPhone and iPad

iOS 15: How to Reply to Messages from Lock Screen on iPhone

now the way to do a quick reply from lock screen iPhone for message and social apps like whatsapp, Instagram, and others. follow the below steps to make a quick reply on the iPhone lock screen for messages app and other social apps.

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For the Messages app, enable quick reply from iPhone settings.

So you can access your phone keyboard to reply to a text on the phone lock screen without entering the passcode.

  1. open Settings app on iphone > scroll to Face id and passcode.
  2. next, verify your face id and make change for ‘reply with message’ enable toggle that’s it.enable-quick-reply-message-on-iphone-without-unlock-screen
  3. now, go to your lock screen iphone and see message that you reply, touch and hold on message, you will see reply box with typing keyboard. Type your reply and send it without unlock your iphone and without face id or passcode.reply-in-message-on-iphone-on-lock-screen

That’s it.

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How to Reply to Social Conversation from Lock Screen on iPhone

You can’t reply from notification whatsapp iPhone? Becuase method change in new iOS update, have a look into steps below,

For whatsapp, or other third-party apps, Apple doesn’t give options like messages app restrictions. so, you must have to authenticate your face id or passcode. follow the below steps,

  1. wake up your iphone screen by touch on screen. now, swipe up to see social messages like whatsapp in notifications list.
  2. Touch and hold on message notification, before do reply, we must verify with face id or passcode.quick-reply-in-whatsapp-and-messenger-on-iphone
  3. and send reply to whatsapp chat.

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iOS 12, iOS 13 & Earlier

Fix #1. First of all, you should check out quick reply is turned on in the settings App.

Head to Settings App – Tap Touch ID & Passcode – Enter your device uncloaking Passcode – Now scroll down the screen to make sure Reply with Message toggle enabled/Green.

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Turn on Reply with Message on iPhone Settings App

Sometimes innocently or might due to Reset all Settings. Your device View option is missing, and only the Clear option appears when the swipe notification is left to the right. Due to Turn off the Reply with Message, you cannot send reply messaging from the lock screen for text apps like Apple’s native message, Whatsapp, FB Messenger, Snapchat, and much more.

If your device settings are the same as our given picture, and still, quick reply won’t work from notification badge/bar, then keep continues for further workarounds.

Fix #2. Long Press on the message Notification noting happen

Check out 3D touch is turned ON/Green. Turned off force touch kill the texting box with keyboard comes right up.

So how do I turn on 3D touch on my iPhone?

  1. Open the Settings
  2. Tap Accessibility
  3. -Click 3D touch
  4. –Turn 3D Touch toggle ON/Green.

Now, test again.

Turn on 3d touch to quick Reply for Message on lock screen iPhone

Fix #3. Try to Force Reboot your iPhone

To restart iPhone 6S Plus and earlier models – Press the Sleep+ Home button at the time until power off your device.

For iPhone 7/ 7 Plus or later users – Press the Power button + Volume down button appear left edge on your iPhone.

Fix #4. Check for Software Update

Head to Settings – Tap General – Click Software Update. wait till the page load, if any update available? please install.

Everything is okay. However, the issue persists; still, you can take backup your iPhone to iCloud or iTunes and then restore the iPhone from your latest backup and try again.

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