How to Merge Calls or Do Conference Call on iPhone 15, 14

Here’s how to call in a group on the iPhone and make a conference call on the iPhone. We can talk with more than two people at once by adding the most contact in a call from the dial pad. iPhone conference call limit is 5 persons at a time. Here I will show how to open the contact app and add in call after a search with the name on the contact app search box.

Note: conference call service mostly turns on by default on all carrier lines and mobile connections. Are you unable to connect other calls, Contact your carrier? And stop all calls and re-dial or call again from given below steps.

Steps for a Make conference call on iPhone: iOS and Earlier

Unable to Make a Conference Call!

Your Carrier company or plan doesn’t allow you to use this Call Conference feature. So you have to turn it on from the carrier company. Please ask at the Help desk. I hope your carriers provide you with make conference call feature on your iPhone talk time plan. in case your phone dial pad not showing up merge calls option then that is excluded for your running phone Call plan.

  • Some users have a query on Merge/Add Calls not working with WiFi Calling or Cellular Calling. Some of them Able to make calls on WiFi Calls or Some of them able to make Calls on Cellular Calls.

Skype conference call is an alternative platform to merge calls on iPhone.

Can I make a 3-way call on my iPhone?

Yes, you can make a three-way call on your Apple iPhone.

How many calls can you merge on the iPhone?

Up to five call user can merge on your iPhone.
How do you merge FaceTime calls on the iPhone? you can get here make a group facetime call

For those guys who have Call merge calls button on Phone dial then follow the bottom Steps:

  • Step 1: First call to the first person from your iPhone and open the Calling screen on iPhone.
  • Step 2: Next, Tap on “Add Call” then search your contact with the name that you want to share or make a conference call.
1 Add call on iPhone for Conference on iPhone
  • Step 3: Next Screen you will see like in below image until the second person receive call first call will go on hold.
make Conference call on iPhone

When the second person receives a call, both call automatically merge, and you can talk at a conference without any extra charges.

How many calls can you merge on the iPhone? : Depending on your carrier we can make a conference call between 3 people, 4 People, and up to 5 people and more.

Tidbits: Merge call not working

  • Sometimes, users are experiencing iPhone call failed, Can’t merge calls on iPhone, and won’t add more contacts at the conference. Follow the below troubleshooting that mostly works and helps you guys.

Force restart:

iPhone 14 and Other No home button iPhone & iPhone 8/8 Plus:

  1. Press and Quickly relese Volume up button
  2. Press and Quickly relese Volume down button
  3. Now only press and hold the side power button until your iPhone screen show Apple logo after the black screen. and Wait for 30 seconds and turn on back your iPhone in to normal.

Poor network connection or unable to reach the network at too long a distance

Above is the quick way to merge or Make Conference call on the iPhone.

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