Fix Purchased/ Custom iPhone Ringtone not working after iOS Upgrade

Do your Purchased ringtones not working/ playing on iPhone X/8/8+/7/7+ or older model? Don’t worry. Try my posted workarounds and fix your iPhone tone won’t play issue. I confidently suggest this solution because on my iPhone 8 Plus space gray I also noticed the same problem with my Downloaded ringtone couldn’t playing when someone calls me.

Any user of an iPhone X, iPhone 8 (Plus), iPhone 7 (Plus), iPhone 6S (Plus), iPhone 6/6+, iPhone SE or iPhone 5S or old iPhone consumer can apply bottom guide without any doughty.

Complete Solution to Repair Purchased/ Custom iPhone ringtone not working after iOS Upgrade

Custom iPhone ringtone not working after iOS upgrade

Fix #1. Manually import Ringtones if  iPhone won’t play purchased ringtones

We noticed lots of comment on my blog that the purchased custom tones not working after upgrade iOS 11 or later. It not playing when someone calls his/her if you are facing the same problem then as the best solution you can manually import ringtones.

To import tones – You must have Mac or Windows with an installed latest version of iTunes. After ready this things, apply following instructions.

Step #1. Open Mac/PC and launch iTunes then Sync your iPhone with USB to lighting cord.

Step #2. Through Finder – locate the files in the folder ‘Tones’ under where iTunes media library is stored.

Step #3. Unplug your iPhone and connect again to Mac or Computer and run iTunes, next select ‘Tones’ under ‘On My device.’

Step #4. Now as usual – Drag the ‘Tone’ folder you just found and move onto ‘Tones’ category in iTunes.

Step #5. In the end – Click on ‘Sync’ and then go SettingsSoundsRingtone – to check if the custom ringtone is set back.

Still, custom ringtone issue persists please continue listed solutions.

Fix #2. Check the Ring or Silent Switch Button

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When you got someone Call, and in case your phone is vibrating, and ON Screen mode. You can check your phone ring/silent switch that located on the left edge and upper the volume increase button. Turn on the ringer switch and increase volume if low. Now test again.

Fix #3. You should purchase New Ringtone

Do your Downloaded/ Purchased tones not working after assigned as a default ringtone? Don’t worry – you should try to buy the new one and assign it to your phone default ringtone. At below I’m sharing with you how to buy or Download Ringtone from iTunes Store.

To Download Tones– unlock your iPhone Screen – Launch iTunes Store app on your iPhone – Now navigate custom ringtone using the Search bar. in last, Click on the Price and then Sign in your Apple ID to get it on your Phone.

Fix #4. Try with older Version of iTunes

Many of the users reporting on Reddit that the iPhone not playing a ringtone when downloading using iTunes 12.7. If you’re one of them, then you should delete iTunes and the download-Install old version after that try back. Hope, this approach would work for you.

Fix #5. As a Second Last option, you can go with Downgrade iOS 11 to iOS 10.3.3

My this source – Downgrade iOS 11 to iOS 10.3.3 is a full guide and easy to understand for you. Therefore, you can downgrade the iOS version you own self.

Fix #6. Tried above All fixes, However, none of the clues work in your case, then Contact Apple support and ask them ideal solution concern your problem of Fix iPhone Custom Ringtone Not working after iOS 11 upgrade.

Do you have any other approach apart from mentioned above, then don’t miss to share with us in the comments. We’re always ready to get your positive feedback.

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