How to Fix Call Failed iPhone XR, XS Max, XS, X, iPhone 8,8 Plus, 7/7 Plus,6(S), iPhone SE

how to fix iphone Call failed in iOS 11 or later

Are you having trouble your iPhone constant says call failed after iOS update? Hmm, we know that you are feeling lousy experience while make or receive a call from your friends, family members and those people who are in contacts even good signal strength. Don’t worry my friend. We know that iPhone call failed repeatedly and cut the call off is a common problem. Here I’ll give you a decent suggestion to fix quickly.

Generally, This problem arriving on the iOS device due to outdated software running on the iOS device. Or Some internal software error crashing or interrupting connectivity issues while making a call. And the next your iPhone keeps saying call failed.

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Hence, I used a variety of tips to solve the call failed and system failure bug. Also, are looking for iPhone voicemail call failed? Get the detailed tutorial on Setup Voicemail to fix.

Get Rid of iPhone Call failed after iOS Update: Fix Unable to make a call

how to fix iphone Call failed in iOS 11 or later

Fix #1. Dial *#31#

You guys, open Phone app, tap on Keypad and then dial *#31#. Cause it is one, the straightforward point to make and receive a call without any interrupt.

Note: Sprint users especially fix this issue by dialing “##873283#” and tap o the call button. Your Handset will search your profile and install new Profile update on the device.

Also, Re-Insert SIM using SIM eject tools comes with your iPhone box inside.

Dial ##31# to fix call failed iPhone

Fix #2. Airplane Mode

turn on turn off Airplane Mode in iOS 11 iPhone

An alternative, this is a vital clue that can make a call again as if you used in past iOS ecosystem iOS 10. Therefore, turn on Airplane Mode in the latest iOS and then turn toggle off. Many users say this solution is very very useful. To do that open up Swiping up menu, you can also open via Settings App to enable/ disable airplane mode on your iPhone.

Fix #3. Force Quit Unnecessary Apps

Sometimes unnecessary recently used apps create clutter in phone service. Hence, you have to force close unnecessary Apps via double clicks home button. Get more methods to force quite an App in iOS.

Fix #4. Date & Time

Check out your iPhone Date & Time. Cause many users having trouble change timezone automatically while they are in the abroad. Therefore, I’m suggesting to you, go to SettingsGeneral Date & time

tap on general settings app to change data & time in iOS 11 iPhone

Now turn toggle Set automatically off and tap Time Zone to set manually. Most of the case this workaround becomes useful.

disable Set Automatically time on iPhone iOS 11 or later

Set time zone manually in iOS 11 on iPhone

Fix #5. Caller ID

Tap on Phone app then Show my Caller ID on iPhone iOS 11 later

Caller ID setting is a function of the side of a carrier service provider like in the USA –at& t, T-mobile, Verizon, Sprint, etc. by the way, you can appear Caller ID option into Phone app settings. Go to Settings App, tap on Phone and scroll down the screen to turn Caller ID On.

Fix #6. Reboot or Hard Reset

Now you can reboot your iPhone without power button. This way in most case solves the iPhone call Failed problem.

Press and Hold Below buttons until you see the Apple logo on Screen,

  • iPhone 6 and Below: Sleep/Wake/Power Button + Home button
  • iPhone 7/7: Sleep/Wake + Volume Down button
  • Force Reboot Tip for iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 Users:
    1: Press and Quickly Release Volume Up button,
    2: Press and Quickly Release Volume Down Button,
    3: Press and Hold Side Button until you see the Apple logo on Screen. To Start the iPhone, Again press Side button until the startup Apple logo on the screen.

Now turn on iPhone, Press Sleep/Wake or Side button once.

Fix #7. Reset Network Settings

Reset Network Settings on iPhone iPad in iOS 11 or later

Reset your iPhone network settings to make phone call line error-free. If you’re a newbie, then get here how to reset network settings on iOS.

Fix #8. Reset your iPhone to Factory Setting

how to factory reset iPhone 6 plus on iOS 8 and iOS 9

If none of the above workarounds doesn’t work in your case, then you must be reset iPhone to factory settings.

You can apply this article on all iOS 13 compatible iPhones including iPhone XR, XS Max, XS, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/ 7 Plus, iPhone 6S/ 6S Plus, iPhone 6/ 6 Plus, iPhone SE and iPhone 5S.

We have suggested above mentioned all the possible troubleshooting. Now let me know your feedback that what was helpful to resolve iPhone call failed iOS in the comments.

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